A Nice 10K — August 28, 2021

I went into Augusta and ran my Cony-Piggery 10K course in Fall-like conditions. It was glorious! I didn’t hurry and ran comfortably most of the run until I got over on Piggery Road, then I picked it up to see if I could better my Strava segment there. It didn’t happen, and I had to visit one of those blue boxes towards the last part of the athletic fields — there was no choice in the matter. After that, I lost interest in running quicker until I got past the light. Then I picked it up to the end. This was a good run, the leg felt about as good as it has, and the Reebok Energy 2s did everything I asked of them.

The rest of the Story

What I am thinking about this morning?

Waking up to 50 degrees, no wind, and Bennie is getting back to his old self, so the start of the day was so nice. We don’t know if this is “the change”, but it is so much better than the 90% humidity that we had last week.

Although I had to get the old chipper and power washer out of their hiding places, so they could be repaired. Then I had to figure out the best way to get them out of where they were. That old, you pile things on the stuff that is stationary for too long. However, that took the time I usually do my morning prehab workout away, which kind of sucks. So, I get to see how I feel running a little further without having done the prehab.

Planned Workout Description.

Saturdays are my usual long-run day, so most likely I will head into Augusta and do the Cony-Piggery 10K course to see how the leg holds up. I would really like to go around this course without the leg or anything else bothering for a change, but I know my body pretty well and that is more a dream than what will happen. Now, the best I can hope for is nothing bothering enough to impact the run.

What Did I do?

  • Course: Cony-Piggery 10K
  • Location: Augusta, ME.

They are still working on the Cony track/football field, so things are still out of sorts there. I parked across from the entrance to the track and started out. Those first two hills are really no more than bumps that are just in a bad spot on this course because I am not warmed-up and ready for them, not because they are that tough.

Nothing thrilling happened on Eastern Ave, besides there was a lot of traffic for a Saturday morning and even heading up towards Piggery Road other than traffic, nothing was going on.

I did a lot of thinking about running, what I want to accomplish this fall, and how almost everything is still on hold for me due to COVID-19. This morning was my running club’s first Coffee and Bagel run over at Quarry Road, which normally would be something I would love. Due to COVID-19, I chose to skip it.

Yes, I know that I am vaccinated, and know when or where to wear a mask. It was an outdoor event where I would be able to properly distance myself from everyone else, and the odds of me picking up some respiratory virus would have been minuscule. Even knowing all that, I am continuing to be conservative in my approach to being around others for a while longer. I miss the social interaction more than I admit, but at the same time, for my particular set of circumstances, it remains the correct choice.

Still, it sucks.

When I got over to Piggery Road, I picked up the pace slightly to see if I could get my Strava segment. At the same time, I didn’t commit to chasing it too hard because I also felt that urge to find a blue box coming on. It was a half-arsed effort, that, I hoped, wouldn’t result in stopping until I got back to Cony.

Yeah, right. It became more of a gotta go faster, so I could go sooner than later.

After that, I lost interest in running quicker until after the Eastern Ave light. Then I started to pick up the pace again and felt strong the rest of the way in. I thought about and almost took that right-hand turn that would have taken me out to the trails for a few more miles.

However, as I was coming down by the track, the left leg warned me that would not be a great idea. It hadn’t really complained for most of the run, and getting in a 10K without it bothering until the last 0.2 would be a big win in my book. So, I shut it down when I got to the end of the Cony driveway.

Not what I wanted, but it was the correct choice, and now lets me look back at the run as an excellent one. Instead of regretting doing that extra bit and having my leg throw a temper tantrum.

Injuries/Niggles: As I said, the left leg didn’t bother until the last 0.2 and nothing else bothered. Well, except for that GI issue that haunts me on too many runs and is diet-related. Friday night for supper is 1/2 a loaded homemade pizza, chips, and a beer of some kind, with a sweet dessert. Then breakfast is granola, walnuts, blueberries, blackberries, and usually some other fruit as well. When all that is put together, it means GI issues on my Saturday long run. So, my GI issues are a self-inflicted issue, that only I can resolve.

Weather: Clear sky, 63°F, feels like 63°F, Humidity 74%, Wind 6mph from NNE. It is remarkable how much easier running feels when the weather conditions are nice. I still worked up a great sweat, but it felt so nice to not be struggling with the heat/humidity.


Reebok Floatride Forever Energy 2 — Did everything I asked of them. When I wanted to speed up they felt great, when I ran easy, they felt great. Just one of those under-appreciated shoes in my rotation that I should be sticking with instead of constantly looking for something “better.” They just work for me.

So of course, I have to try out the next new pair of running shoes that I am adding to my rotation.

Under Armor Sonic 3 — I did get in a pair of Under Armour Sonic 3s last night and really want to try them out. Although I should wait a bit since I got them primarily for running in the winter, but would like to know how they feel underfoot and how it works with sending data to U/A’s app. Knowing me, I will be trying them out on a shorter run — probably tomorrow. This means that I have to pair them with my phone tonight since they can track my running with an internal sensor — which is the primary reason I got them. Yeah, like I need my shoes to tell me that I am a heel-striker. Still, I like to see what the hullabaloo is about, and I haven’t used U/A shoes in a while.

Nike Wildhorse 3 — I have had them for around three years now, and they have been my lawn/work around the house shoes for the past year. Finally, the cracks in the outsole and holes in the uppers have reached the point where it is time for them to go away. They have done some tough work and been through a lot over the past 3 years.

This means that my Hoka Challenger 4s are going to have to do double-duty for a while. I like to use old trail shoes as my do everything shoes, and they are the only trail shoes in the house. Unless, I decide to go with my Nike React Milers instead because they never really worked as daily trainers or walking shoes, but might be able to handle being lawn shoes.

Whichever way I decide, the shoes must have great grip because I do a lot of stuff in them in sloppy/nasty conditions. Decisions, decisions.

Socks: Danish Blue — When I got over to Cony, the right foot didn’t feel quite right, and I remembered one of my solutions for that issue is to turn the sock inside out. Once I did, the right foot didn’t bother me at all on the run, so it appears that I am going to have to go back to doing that more regularly when I wear the Danish socks. Just something about the toe ends and how they are sewn aggravates that right foot. My left foot couldn’t care less how I wear my socks or even what shoes I wear, as long as they fit and don’t cause blisters.

An excellent run, that gives me confidence heading into the Fall, that my training is going in the correct direction.

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