Shortened Workout — August 26, 2021

The Short Version

It was hot, humid and with the sun beating down, it made finding a shadier route rather important this morning, so I did Philbrick Laps again. I purposely slowed down and kept my forcing myself to stay slower, to make sure that I didn’t overdo things with the weather conditions. Last night, based on the forecast and what I will be doing tomorrow, I reduced the number of strides to four and was glad that I did. Once I finished the strides and got back to running slower again, I decided that 40:00-minutes was more than enough abuse of the old body and stopped.

I have nothing to prove to anyone and doing another 10:00-minutes in that kind of weather, really is not going to make any difference in my fitness or mental toughness. I am learning and then this afternoon I read this [article] from Trail Runner magazine which validated that choice even more. While I won’t do this all the time, you gotta know when enough is enough. I have learned that the hard way too many times.

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What I am thinking about this morning?

Another gray start to the morning, we are back in the heat advisory section of Maine and since it is going to be a crazy morning, I am just going to go with the flow. The driveway work that was supposed to be done yesterday is going to be done this morning, which is also the morning we do curbside pickups at Tractor Supply and Walmart. So working around and getting all of those things done will be interesting, then this afternoon I was thinking about mowing the front, but if it is in the ’90s with high humidity, I will wait another day.

I also signed up for the Under Armour — All Out Mile, but to be honest, I am rather intimidated about training to run an all out mile. This is despite scheduling a mile time trial most months when I am not injured. They are not something I “train” for, they are something I do — more to see where I am at. I am not certain that I will train for the mile exclusively, but I will do my usual fitness check next Tuesday and then see what happens. Yeah, training for and running a mile as hard as I can — hurts to do it correctly.

Planned Workout Description.

A 50:00-minute easy run with 6 strides in the middle was the original plan. Last night, when I looked at what I had planned for the rest of the week and what the weather would be this morning, I decided to cut it back to 4 strides and not go as hard on them.

Based on conditions, you do have to modify your workout to meet reality, not simply go out there and do a workout that could cause more problems than it would be worth.

What Did I do?

  • Course: Philbrick Laps
  • Location: Sidney

I decided to stick close to home and purposely go slower than usual due to the heat/humidity and bright sunshine this morning. Running in the shade wasn’t horrible, it was simply miserable. The horrible parts were when I had to be out in the sun for segments of the run, and it instantly went from yech, to this sucks — bad.

During the strides, I focused more on keeping my form efficient and increasing my cadence, while running relaxed. It seemed to work because I ran them fairly strong for the conditions and was able to kick it up a bit for the last one. I can say that I was glad after the 4th one, that I didn’t have 2 more to go.

After the strides, I was supposed to run for another 22:00 minutes, but I cut it short. The heat/humidity was getting oppressive, and I figured that getting in 40:00 minutes was good enough.

Sometimes it is better to come back another day when conditions are better than to bull your way through a session to the end and then feel like crap the rest of the day. It was the correct call.

Although I did go beat on the tire with the sledgehammer for a bit and then mowed the out-front. I do believe that I have found the correct combination of turns and straights because I got it done in less the 45:00 for the first time ever. Even with the heat/humidity and it being in full sun. Just an extra workout added to the legs, that’s all.

Injuries/Niggles: Nothing to complain about beyond the right foot not feeling quite right, but that is going to be an issue for the rest of my life, so it is something that I will just have to deal with.

Weather: Clear sky, 74°F, feels like 76°F, Humidity 90%, Wind 0mph from N. Just nasty conditions to be running outside. That feels like must have been in the shade because our thermometer in the sun was cracking 90 degrees.

Shoes: Reebok RunFast v1 — Did everything they were supposed to, comfortably. Even though they are more race day shoes, they did fine running at slower paces. The RunFast v1 are one of those shoes you put on and know you won’t have any issues with during the run.

Socks: Blue Danish — They are a little snug and while I like the brand, the compression part through the arch area at times aggravates my Tailor’s Bunionette a bit too much. Today was one of those days when they bothered it more than I wanted.

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