A Good Run — August 23, 2021

What I am thinking about this morning?

After watching the news last night and reading some stories online, I am genuinely thankful that Henri, didn’t impact us all that much. Just a bit of rain and lots of clouds so far, although it is supposed to pass through later in the day, it has weakened considerably and isn’t expected to become a problem.

It is overcast and foggy outside, but the morning has gone quite nicely, and we will be on our way to our weekly trip to Sam’s Club. It is the only store that we regularly go inside (once a week) and I don’t foresee that changing for a while with the increases in the hospitalization rates around us. I will continue to mask-up in public areas where there are more than a few people (which we don’t encounter frequently). Wearing one is not a political statement or something I do because big brother is telling me that I have to. No, I do it because I believe it is the right thing to do, and it is my choice.

I finally got around to wearing my backpack (about 40 lbs) to my eccentric calf drop routine and could tell that is makes a big difference. So, I cut the number of reps from 3 to 2. Hopefully, adding the extra weight to Alfredson Achilles rehab routine will make more of a difference than just using my body weight off the ladder.

I am still doing the Stryd 5K plan, but at the same time, I am undecided if I want to continue using the Stryd plans after the current enrollment period is up? Especially, when after the first time through a particular plan it doesn’t change, or they don’t have multiple alternatives for the same distances at the level I am using. This time around, I have to go in and manually change the workouts to get a little variety or maintain the level of difficulty that I am looking for.

The first time through is good, but if I have to do most of the heavy lifting on subsequent builds, then that $9.99 a month starts to look rather expensive for what it provides. Especially, when I am not basing my workouts on Power, but more on my effort levels.

So, I will look at some other options over the next few weeks to see what is out there and how it compares to Stryd’s offering.

Planned Workout Description.

40:00-minutes — Easy.

I will probably head down to Pepin and come back up Philbrick Hill, while attempting to keep the effort level at an easy pace until the hill. Which is difficult walking it, even then it gets the heart rate up pretty good. Most likely I will wear the Carbon X2s to see how they do going down a big hill and how the toe box/mid-foot feel on that part of the course. It’s going to be muggy or raining by the time I get to do it.

Did the workout go as planned?

Course: Pepin O/B to Big Pine

Location: Sidney

Sometimes, getting out the door is half of the problem. Today was one of “those” days for me. I wasn’t feeling great or at all motivated to get going on my planned run. I just felt off and as a result, I procrastinated getting changed and then found other things to do before finally getting out the door, but finally, I opened the door, stepped out into the heavy mist. It wasn’t really raining, but it wasn’t raining either.

I was doing a bit of an experiment and totally botched things up. I wanted to see what one of the Garmin 5K plans looked like, so I figured that I would do the benchmark run and simply continue to run until I got done my planned 40:00-minutes of running done.

Furthermore, I am pretty confident that I started the watch correctly because it read 7:46 through the first mile, but something happened along the way and the first 1.2 miles of the workout disappeared as far as Garmin was concerned. I love it when that happens. Although I am sure it is something that I did that screwed things up, but I still haven’t figured out what I did.

I had to go back in and upload from the Stryd pod to get this morning’s session back. Even then, it isn’t quite there, but it is close enough for my purposes. The only thing is when I uploaded from the Stryd Pod it uploaded 101 other runs that I now have to into the Stryd website and delete at least 101 runs that have now been duplicated. That is the only issue with uploading the Stryd pod data, when you primarily use the Garmin data — it creates numerous duplicates and the only way to remove them is to manually delete each one. Which is a pain in the arse!

The run planned to be an easy run, but I ended up running harder down the hill because I thought that I was doing the 2:00-minute warm-up, 5:00 run hard, 2:00-minute cool down benchmark portion of the workout. Oh well, I did pretty good going through Pepin and even felt decent on Philbrick Hill.

Once I realized how badly I had screwed up the watch, I figured that I had to do a course that I have done several times before to ensure that I got in my 40:00 minutes of running. So, I added on the Philbrick Lap to end at the Big Pine. Where, from the top of Philbrick to the Big Pine, I may have run a little faster than I usually do.

While I can wear my Balega socks with the X2s, the right foot needs a schooch more room, so they wouldn’t be my first choice to wear on a long run or race with these shoes.

While I didn’t really stick to an easy run, I felt strong, nothing bothered too much and running a little faster in parts did feel pretty good. Even though it was one of those runs where I delayed/procrastinated/didn’t feel like getting out for the run, once I got going, it turned into a pretty decent one. I have a feeling it is these kinds of days that make or break a training plan. Getting out there and doing it, despite not wanting to before you step out the door.

Injuries/Niggles: Nothing really hurt too much, and I had a nice stride in places for a change.

Weather: Light rain, 69 °F, Feels like 70 °F, Humidity 98%, Wind 0mph from N. Another one of those wet t-shirt contest days while running.

Shoes: Hoka Carbon X2 — I wanted to try them on the steep downhill portion of Philbrick, and they did great. The split tail in the back was noticeable in sections of the downhill. They were decent for grip on the wet tar, I felt connected to the road most of the time. However, bombing down the steeper sections, I wasn’t feeling like they were as grippy as other shoes I have. Even though I never slipped or slid, I wasn’t willing to just go and be confident that it had enough grip. Once I got off the hill, there were zero problems with grip.

When I sped up while going down Stevens Hill, they were much better. The outsole had just enough grip on the dirt road that I felt confident and secure going faster here than I did going down the tar on Philbrick Hill.

I got to thinking that while I probably wouldn’t wear them for a 5K, they just feel too heavy and not fast enough for a hard/fast 5K. However, anything 10K and up, the Carbon X2 would be a good choice for me due to the cushioning and how they feel when I am pushing the pace.

Other Stuff?

The usual kinds of things: doing a quick Sam’s Club excursion, finding a pair of lined pants for a great price for this Winter, putting up a shelf in SD2’s house, helping with Mary making Apple syrup and of course walking Bennie. He is doing a lot better and getting closer to his old self.

I have been watching and enjoying the SciFi channel’s miniseries Dune on YouTube. It is one of those books that I read in high school and ever few years re-read. Once upon a time, I had all the Dune books and read them all. Now, I have cut my library back to just the original book. The miniseries is bringing back many memories of different places and times gone by.

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