A Nice Rain – Monday – August 2, 2021

How am I feeling today?

Even with the light rain/mist/overcast conditions outside, I am in a pretty good space. I just finished up one of the more successful training blocks I have had in quite a while and while I know that I have a lot of work ahead of me, there has been a lot of progress.

However, after Saturday’s run, I know that the left Achilles is still grumpy about longer distances or harder sustained efforts, and that I need to give it more time to heal and get stronger, before I go back to race level efforts. Hence the time trial where I can control the effort levels without feeling the pressure to keep pushing harder that I would in a race. Plus with all the signals I am getting on the COVID pandemic, I think that I will wait a bit longer before I start in person racing again.

So, this week I am doing a modified taper/cutback week to get ready for a 5K time trial on Saturday. While I expect to improve a bit over what I did back at the first of June, it isn’t about the time as much as having a consistent effort level and not have the Achilles get too grumpy. Coming out of the time trial without re-injuring the Achilles is the primary goal, with a sub 25:00 as my secondary, seems achievable.

Garmin says I should be able to run 22:09 for a 5K, and I think they and their algorithms are f#$%ing nuts! I know what kind of shape I am in and I ain’t in that kind of shape yet. Maybe after another successful 5K training block or two, but all that number would do is set me up to fail and feel like crap for not hitting it. Well, it would if I was paying much attention to that prediction.

Whatever happens, I like the direction my training is trending, so yes, I am upbeat to start this week.

It also looks like I will be doing another 5K training block starting next week, my Achilles is not ready for a challenging 10K training plan yet. I will add some extra time to workouts as the leg allows to push the times/distances a little more than the plan will call for. No, I will not be in great 10K shape for my October race, but it will have to be good enough because I still plan to run the race. 

I am going to run in the Saucony Ride 13s again today. I will get them wet and see if that helps them form fit around my feet better. I was disappointed in how they felt on yesterday’s first run and really wanted them to work. I did change the lacing pattern to one that has helped me with Saucony shoes before, and I also locked the laces on both feet so that they wouldn’t keep creeping tighter on the lower half of the lace eyelets each time that I pull on the laces to tie the shoes. I noticed that this was becoming an issue when I put them on again yesterday afternoon. I am not a fan of these laces, so they will probably get changed out at some point over the next few weeks, if the Ride 13s stick around as running shoes.

Planned Workout Description: 

  • Easy Run – 20:00 minutes

Today’s Running Focus

· Play in the rain

What I Did Today: 

I ran down to Pepin and did the 40:00-minute course. Since it rained or drizzled for most of the morning I left the glasses at home. Coming down Philbrick, I didn’t meet too much traffic, and was running mainly down the middle of the road (on the crown) and thought about how nice it was to live on a road where I could do that without worrying about getting run over. Then there were three people out walking on Pepin, which surprised me, usually I don’t see anyone.

Coming back, I ran comfortably up Philbrick Hill and never really picked up the effort levels, although I didn’t miss splashing around in too many puddles once I got down on the flats. I wonder what the neighbors think of the crazy old fart they see out running so much, especially when I am out there splashing around in puddles. If anyone asks, I will tell them that I am testing out how well the shoes drain the water and how they grip the road after being immersed in the puddle. 🙂

Yeah, right. Like the neighbors will believe it, Harold. They all know you are just a little boy at heart and love to splash in the puddles and make a mess of yourself.

Easy Run – 20 Minutes

TimeAvg PowerTarget RangePaceCadenceHeartrate
19:58203 9:17168133


TimeAvg PowerTarget RangePaceCadenceHeartrate
22:50219 9:26167147

Did the workout go as planned?


The Stryd plan called for a 20:00-minute easy run and I doubled that. If I were going to chase a PR or race hard, I would think more about doing the Stryd recommended taper, but for doing a time trial, where I am not worried about the time, a proper taper isn’t necessary.

I will do the workouts, but keep the mileage a bit higher than the plan calls for, and Thursday/Friday do a bit less than usual.

Injuries/Niggles: Starting out, the Achilles was a bit grumpy but worked out of it by the time I got to the top of the hill. Otherwise, nothing else bothered me too much.

Weather: Moderate rain/showers/misting, 62°F, Feels like 62°F, Humidity 96%, Wind 6mph from NW

Shoes: Saucony Ride 13 – A much better run in them today. The minor adjustments I made to the lacing seemed to help, but the most significant change was not wearing my Injinji socks and instead deciding to wear my toe spacers with regular thin socks. There is something about wearing the toe spacers that changes the angle of my tailor’s Bunionette and makes some running shoes more comfortable for me to run in.

Also, playing in the puddles gives the insoles a chance to mold a little better to my feet, and even though the upper is a synthetic mesh fabric (not the old suede leather), I think getting it wet sometimes helps it form around the foot faster than just letting it happen. 

Overall, just a bit of heel slippage on the right foot because I didn’t cinch it down quite enough, but otherwise, the Ride 13s did a lot better today than they did yesterday.

What did I learn today?

I seem to run better without my glasses on. I don’t worry so much about looking around, and even if I d0, I can’t see a whole lot very clearly, so I just focus on what is about 20 feet in front of me and don’t worry about much else.

Be patient with running shoes and give them a few more miles before getting too upset with a new pair that doesn’t seem to be working all that great before giving up on them. My first impressions of the Ride 13s were that they were not going to work all that well, and I wasn’t going to be able to use them as running shoes. I know initial impressions are not always the correct ones, and that I have to give them a few more runs before I go and think about how I will use them beyond running shoes.

One comment

  1. Listen to your body, not the electronics!
    I’ve been going to PT for about three weeks now. Not sure why my Ortho didn’t suggest this months ago.
    I had been doing some exercises but there’s nothing like having an expert put you through your paces.
    And for the first time, I got a real referral from an MD so insurance is covering my treatment!
    I’m making progress but Doc said not to run and my PT made a funny face last night when I asked her about running. So..nope!
    Good luck with your training and recovery.

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