Surprise – Friday – July 30, 2021

How am I feeling today?

Kind of an odd, out-of-it start to the day. Nothing serious, probably more about being a little down in the dumps because I didn’t get to visit D2 and her family during the past week. Unfortunately, that is how things work out sometimes, and you gotta go with the flow to get back on even keel. As a result of everything, I just didn’t feel all that ambitious. One of those meh days that we all tend to get when something didn’t quite go the way you planned.

I know that this morning is a scheduled non-running day that I had been looking forward to all week. The body has been feeling a bit beat up after having my best monthly mileage total since October 2019, and this is the last week of my current 5K training cycle, before a quick taper and 5K time trial next weekend.

Planned Workout Description: 

Scheduled rest day

Today’s Running Focus

· No running

What I Did Today: 

I ended up running over 4.0 miles and felt a lot better after I got my run done.

Today was too nice of a day to not run, and the way I was feeling, I knew that a run would get me out of that “yech” mode that I was in. So, I did, and it worked!


  • Split Avg Power     
  • S:1 – 9:25 201W
  • S:2 – 9:27 220W
  • S:3 – 9:30 223W
  • S:4 – 9:01 228W
  • S:5 – 1:40 270W 

Did the workout go as planned?

No. I was scheduled to take the day off, and instead, I went ahead and ran, did a little progression running, and basically didn’t follow the idea of taking a rest day.

Other than that, it was a nice run. 

I started out slow, maintained a steady pace, then got this great idea of cranking it up Stevens Hill. I won’t say that I did a max effort up the hill, but I gave it a good 95%, so that was nice, and being smart for a change, I didn’t attempt to keep rung once I got to the upper gate. I walked to catch my breath and then when I did, I started running again.

When I got back on the tar, I had to stop and see the neighbor’s new puppy for a couple of minutes, then I got back to running. When I did, I felt good and picked up the pace with a nice finishing kick for the last quarter mile.

It was a nice little progression run, even with the walk included.

Injuries/Niggles: Nothing really bothered all that much, it was more that I just needed to run to clear my head of a few things, and sometimes that is more important than taking a scheduled rest day. 

Weather: Overcast, 68°F, Feels like 68°F, Humidity 80%, Wind 8mph from N. It looked like it was going to rain the entire time I was running, but never did. However, the temps were quite nice, the breeze felt good, and the humidity, while high, wasn’t all that bad. I did sweat a bit, and that was good too.

Shoes: Reebok RunFast v1 – Great shoes. There isn’t a whole lot more I can say about them. Comfortable, let me run faster than usual and didn’t hurt my feet, can’t ask anything more of a pair of running shoes.

What did I learn today?

That sometimes, I just need to run, regardless of what I had planned.

Not going on the trip to see family bothered me more than I let on, so I felt a bit flakey because of it. Nothing serious, but at this stage in life, seeing family means more than it used to, and when those plans are changed (even for the right reasons), it still bothers me. I know that I will be back to being my normal me, but I needed today to help me get over not seeing them. 

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  1. Glad that you feel better after your run. Sometimes, we just need to do things that can keep our minds occupied and help channel our emotions. Thanks to technological advancements, we can video chat with family members who live far away. The important thing is that everyone in the family is healthy.

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