Challenging – Monday – July 26, 2021

How am I feeling today?

Looking outside it is still overcast after a day of rain, but all things considered, I am not feeling too poorly. Especially since there is still a drip coming down the chimney, which means another trip on the roof after things dry out and a couple of brown-tail moth nests in the apple trees out front, which will be taken care of today. The run is looking better and better to take the level down a couple of notches. Not big deals, more pain in the arse stuff than anything else.

Planned Workout Description: 

  • Easy Run – 40:00 Minutes

Per Stryd: “Easy runs are an important part of balancing training intensity and recovery. Your target for this run is 65-75% of your Stryd Auto-Calculated Critical Power. You are encouraged to start out at the lower end of your prescribed range and progress to near the top of your prescribed range by the end of the run. While going above your prescribed range might feel easy in the moment, it is important to remember the purpose of an easy run is to promote recovery without adding additional fatigue.”

Today’s Running Focus

· Go easy

What I Did Today: 

Easy Run

  • Split Avg Power Target Range
  • S:1 – 40:00 210W 151-175 W


  • Split Avg Power
  • S:2 – 8:45 200W

Did the workout go as planned?

Not really. I ran the Middle Road Loop, which is a challenging course on a good day. Today, the heat, humidity, and smoke from the wildfires made it one of “those” runs. I didn’t finally decide to do this course until I got down on Shepard, which meant that I didn’t prepare myself mentally for the hills that are part and parcel of this run.

The first 3.0 miles weren’t too bad, but I started to develop a sore throat and headache from the smoke, which didn’t help with the high humidity. By the time I got to the Town Office, I was starting to really feel like crap and had to dig down to keep plugging along. I managed to keep going despite the obstacles until I reached the upper gate, where I finally gave in and walked a telephone pole length. That did seem to reset things, and I managed to finish up the run after that.

It wasn’t the best of runs, and the hills kept the Power numbers up a lot higher than they would have been on a flatter course. However, the Middle Road Loop is a course that does tell me where I am physically, and to do it in those conditions means that I am ever so slowly starting to get back in shape.

Injuries/Niggles: The Achilles got a little grumpy on a couple of the later hills, but nothing serious. The sore throat and headache were from the wildfire smoke that engulfed the area today and went away as the afternoon progressed.

Weather: Few clouds, 74°F, Feels like 75°F, Humidity 85%, Wind 0mph from N

Shoes: Hoka Carbon X1 – I still think of them as daily trainers/tempo shoes more than I do as race day or go fasters shoes. Yes, I can and do run well in them and even can run pretty quickly, but they just do not feel like racing shoes to me. However, I can see myself using them for a half or full marathon because I do prefer a bit more cushioning than I used to.

What did I learn today?

That running in this kind of weather, with the wildfire smoke, added on, makes running the Middle Road Loop a tougher run than it already is. It was one of those character-building runs where you learn to just keep going, despite being more than a little uncomfortable.

When mowing out front – cut longer strips, which means less turning, the Achilles is happier, and I get done faster – almost 10:00 minutes faster, today than last week.

Finally, I got in a pair of Hoka Evo Rehi prototypes that I picked up on eBay for a very reasonable price. They are a nice old-school racing flat from Hoka and seem very comfortable. After walking in them and a quick little jog, while I am sure that I will run well in them, I feel that I already own some shoes that I would prefer for faster running. I will find out more tomorrow when I go to the track, do a fitness test, and use different shoes at different points in the workout, including the Rehi.


I did cut the tongue reflective finger well out as being in the way and rather useless. They are now 6.9 ounces. 🙂

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