Running the Dream – June 27, 2021

How am I feeling today? 

A bit wiped-out, the weed-whacking does something to the old body, and doing that after the long run yesterday made this morning’s run that much more challenging. 

I also had a hard time falling asleep last night. I started reading Running the Dream by Matt Fitzgerald and got almost halfway through it. It was one of those books I didn’t want to put down, and then when I did, I kept imagining what it would be like for an old fart like me to do something like that. Sleep came hard, while my vivid imagination worked overtime.

Yes, I know that I would end up injured or something, but I have a feeling that most runners would love to try to live that dream – I know that I would.

I have subscribed to the NAZ Elite newsletter for a while now, so the names were familiar and Coach Rosario’s thoughts in them have been must reading when they arrive in my inbox. He really seems to be a decent sort of person, that wants the best for his athletes and the people around him. His portrayal in the book did nothing but make me more of a fan of him and the NAZ Elite team.

When it came out Running the Dream was a book that I wanted to read, but purposely put off, because I knew that it would reignite old dreams that I have attempted to put behind me. At the same time, at this point in my life, that last quote I wrote down means more to me as I close in on my 64th year. 

Although, I believe the following quote is the one that got me the most when reading the book. Primarily because I have never had the opportunity to have this experience, to be a part of a team that pushed me to be more than I could ever be on my own. To make lifelong friendships, work harder than I thought possible, then take all that hard work and push myself to achieve a goal that once upon a time seemed beyond my reach. Then be able to look back and well…you know to appreciate everything that happened.

“But the moral of the story isn’t even his time,” Ben Bruce (reading Ben Rosario’s letter) “It’s this — and I’ll risk all my hypothetical money once again by asking Matt if I’m right. I’ll bet that now, one year later, it’s not the two thirty-nine next to his name that means the most to Matt.

I’ll bet it is the memories of the training sessions on Lake Mary Road, the camaraderie of meeting the group every morning, and the feeling he had coming down Michigan Avenue, knowing that he was as fit as he had ever been in his life, that meant the most. Because Matt really and truly enjoyed the process when he was here. Matt: Am I right?

Running the Dream – Matt Fitzgerald page 214

A more appropriate way to end the book, I cannot think of. It got me, and that leaky face thing just isn’t cool.

Then there was this quote

For the young, there is always tomorrow. To live a dream is a wonderful thing at any age, but it is never treasured more than when there is no tomorrow.

Running the Dream – Matt Fitzgerald page 164

The number of tomorrows left to me are running out, and I know they are — it is not a question of “if” – it has now become simply a question of “when.” Just not too soon I hope at age 64 I have more than a few tomorrows and goals or after this book dreams that I still want to achieve. 🙂

I do believe this is why so many adults do sign-up for those adult running camps or other fantasy sports camps. We all want to experience this type of experience, to give us the memories, and help us achieve our dreams, even if they are only for a week. To live the life of our dreams for a short time and to make the memories that will last the rest of our lives. Yeah, make the memories.

Or…is it more that I never had or took the opportunity to make the memories?

Then there is that “what might have been factor”. While the hourglass is running lower, before it empties, I would be to see what I can do with whatever skills and abilities I have left. Yeah, Running the Dream is one of those books that make runners like me dream too damn much.

Those damn demons do have a way of screwing things up more than you realize and if you read that post you know that I have my share to battle.

Hey Harold – “How did today’s run go?” You sappy old bastard.

Planned Workout Description: 

Type: Recovery Run

Today’s Focus

Go easy on the run

Finish “Running the Dream”

Why am I doing this run?

After yesterday’s longer run and with the heat/humidity predicted for today, a slow recovery run is what I need to get to 30.0 miles for the week.

What I Actually Did Today: 

Due to the forecast, both Mary and I did our runs as soon as I finished with Bennie’s walk. Yeah, me…running before breakfast! That is something I haven’t done in a long, long time – probably last summer. However, with the heat/humidity, I didn’t want to be out there in 80*F plus temps and the 90% plus humidity at my usual running time.

Since I did a longer run yesterday and with the temps in the ’70s and humidity at 96%, I went out easy and got slower as the run went on. There were no attempts to run hard or faster, it was one of those get-it-done runs, and when I stopped, it was time to stop.

Injuries/Niggles: I didn’t get a chance to do my morning prehab routine, I just ran, and the Achilles was a little cranky to start. Nothing serious, but it loosened up reasonably well by the time I got to Troy Trail to turn around. Otherwise, it was the heat that was brutal, well along with the horseflies down back – they were out for blood this morning.

Weather: Clear sky, 72°F, Feels like 76°F, Humidity 94%, Wind 6mph from SSW. That breeze felt a bit more than 6 mph is all I can say.

Shoes: Skechers Speed TRL – Another second run. My first run was over at Quarry Road on Friday. On that run, they really impressed me and didn’t bother my feet at all on the trails. This morning was more of a Tar Road/Dirt Road combo, and I got to see how they would perform. They do feel pretty firm underfoot on the tar or hard-packed gravel road, but as soon as I got into the loose stuff (the stuff that the FFE2s had trouble with yesterday), they shined. The grip was good, and I didn’t have that spin-out at toe-off. Yes, I was going a little slower, but I still felt more secure in the Speed TRLs than in most other shoes I have run in down-back this year. 

I wouldn’t want to do more than a 10K on a mixed surface of tar course. The firmness would get to my legs pretty good, I have a feeling. However, for racing over at Quarry Road or even Bond Brook, they would be just about perfect, especially at sub 8.0 ounces. 

Running the Dream, it has left its mark upon me. 





3 responses to “Running the Dream – June 27, 2021”

  1. zzqbtz Avatar

    The first quote in your post is very meaningful. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Victor Avatar

    Great review, Harold. I hadn’t heard about that book. It would be interesting if just to learn more about the NAZ Elite team. And the connection you make with adult sports fantasy camps is insightful. I guess we’re never too old for some version of the “run off and join the circus” dream. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Harold L. Shaw Avatar

      Thanks 🙂 I think that most of us would love to train like an elite, whatever our sport is. For us it running and I would even offer to be a guinea pig for a University research program, if I thought it would help me run better. The things we would do to improve that are on the up and up and no PEDs. Fantasy camps would be pretty much at the top of my list, even though I wouldn’t even be eating their dust, it would have settled back to earth quite nicely before I got close to them hehehehe


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