Monday — May 31, 2021

Today’s Focus

Trust the plan 

Planned Workout Description: 

It is the first day of the two-week Intro to Stryd workouts. Today I am finally getting to start seeing what running with Power is all about. I will find out if running with Power is part of the solution to at least a few of my running woes.

I got the Stryd pod back in March. However, due to the Achilles tendon issues that have plagued me since then, I haven’t been able to do much with it. Well, other than reading articles, blog posts, or watching videos about running with Power. So, most everything has been about the theory and learning the terminology. Now it is time to put it to the test.


  • · 10:00 warm-up at an easy effort
  • · 2:00 very hard effort
  • · 10:00 cool down at an easy effort

And dependent on how the Achilles is feeling, I might do a few strides after the hard effort to get the total time up to 30:00 minutes. It is still a light rain and 50*F, so it is not a warm Spring rain going on out there.

Purpose: Taken from the Stryd training Intro plan – Day 1. Your goal for today is to warm up for 10:00 at an easy effort. An easy effort is very subjective and should totally be based on your current personal feeling. The purpose of the warm-up is to prepare yourself to give a nearly all-out effort in the 2:00 section without producing fatigue that might negatively affect the hard effort.

After you’ve completed your 10:00 warm-up, your next step is to run a 2:00 hard effort. This 2:00 hard effort will begin to fill out what is called your Power Duration Curve.

Your goal for the 2:00 hard section is to give a near-best effort without going too hard. You’re going to look for a relatively even-paced effort that allows you to sustain the highest average Power for the whole duration of the effort. 

After you complete your 2:00 hard effort, you’ll have a 10:00 cool down. This effort should be similar to the warm-up you did before the hard section. Running an easy effort after a hard effort will aid in the recovery process. 

Take these 10:00 to gauge and ask yourself things like “How was my effort?” or “Did I start too fast or too slow?” A training plan is much more than individual workouts and sessions. The ability to reflect and learn from your training is a major key to sustaining progress and improvement over time.

Once you have completed your run, sync your data and take a look at the data! 


  • 20 leg swing routine (front, side, forward and back rotations) 
  • 40 air squats
  • 100-ups 

Run #1

  • Course: Philbrick Laps
  • Type: CP Test – Intro to Stryd Day #1 & 5×2 Telephone Poles strides
  • Distance: 3.18
  • Duration: 30:21
  • Power: 208
  • Running Streak Day #: 1

What I Actually Did Today: 

What were the 2 key takeaways from this first session with Stryd?

1 – What was the Power on:

· warm-up – 204

· cool-down – 197

2 – What was the Power on the 2:00 very hard section – 269

I achieved all of my goals for this run! I did the workout without any issues, then was able to do 5 x 2 telephone poles strides and walk without limping after I got done. 

The 10:00 warm-up was chilly to start with the rain and ‘40s/low ’50s for temps, so I wore my tights and long sleeve winter tech top and short sleeve tech t-shirt under it (yes, I got pretty well soaked through, but it still felt good to be running). The 2:00 minute hard effort was just that, a definite challenge. 

While I might have gone a little faster, I just didn’t feel comfortable doing so today. It had a lot to do with the wet roads, a truck turning in front of me, and still having a lack of confidence in my Achilles holding up to the effort. So, I didn’t push past 90%, and at this point, I was pretty well done when I finished it. 

When I finished the hard push, I walked for a short way and then started the cool-down portion of the run. There were no issues or anything, just putting one foot in front of the other until the 10:00 minutes were up.

Although I had fun attempting to figure out where to turn to be ready for the strides I added to the end of the workout. The first stride was okay, and I knew at that point I would be able to do 5, not the 3 that I have been doing lately. I did walk around the block to cool down since the rain had tapered back to a heavy mist.

Yes, I am making progress. 

Variables that impacted the run:

Injuries/Niggles: The Achilles was noticeable during the run but didn’t limit me on these short faster efforts. 

However, when I attempt to toe off, I can feel the Achilles too much. So, I am working more on a land, lever, lift style of running until I can run without any restrictions from the Achilles. 

Although, I did notice that when running the strides, my right leg/hip felt a bit weaker than the left leg. Which is something that I want to keep an eye on and maybe even start doing some strengthening exercises to make it a non-issue moving forward.

Weather: Light rain, 52°F, Feels like 48°F, Humidity 100%, Wind 8mph from NE

Shoes: ASICS Magic Speed – did everything that I asked of them today. 

I did notice that when running on the wet tar at faster speeds, I didn’t have a totally secure feeling. I just didn’t feel like they had as good a grip as I would have liked. At slow speeds, they felt fine, and it was only when I pushed the pace that I noticed it. It probably is that the outsole is a harder rubber and isn’t as grippy on wet tar/concrete. 

Other Stuff

While I have used Stryd to record my rehab activities, they were not all running (there were many entries with walking in them); I am unsure how indicative they are of me as a runner. So, I downloaded all the previous runs and then deleted them to give me a fresh start. 

Yeah, I know that Stryd is supposed to tweak the differences as I get in better shape. However, I have all the data that I want from this rehab period in my spreadsheet running log, and I think that a fresh start is not a bad idea.

At least from my perspective, the gurus at Stryd would probably disagree with me, but I will see where it takes me. I tend to go off on tangents, and this is perhaps one of them. 🤪 

Otherwise, it was just a lazy, rainy Memorial Day.

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