Saturday – May 29, 2021

Today’s Focus

Stay warm

Planned Workout Description: 

Workout: 10×3:00-minute run, with 1:00 minute recoveries

Purpose: To see what shape I am in; I will probably run really easy on as many of the recoveries as possible to see how my conditioning is and how the Achilles is holding up to the load past 30:00 minutes.



Run #1

  • Course: Howard-Town Office-Howard
  • Type: Run/Walk
  • Distance: 4.8
  • Duration: 50:04
  • Power: 189
  • Running Streak Day #: 6

What I Actually Did Today: 

The first part of the run didn’t feel bad, but I also didn’t change the pacing much. It just felt good to run comfortably – so I did. Until I got to the Town Office when I pushed the pace hard going back up the hill.

When I finished that 30-second burst, I could tell that I am sadly out of shape. It took a little too long to recover from that one. I managed to keep running, but damn slowly. Then down on the Blake flats, I did start walking the 1:00 minute recoveries. This is about what I thought would happen when I looked at the workout this morning.

Even so, I tried again to pick it up just a little going up Blake Hill, and while I didn’t do nearly as well as before, it was still harder than I have in a bit. I did what I was supposed to from there to Stevens Hill. Then from Wade’s driveway to the upper gate, I attempted to pick it up again, but there wasn’t a lot left in the tank. I did manage to finish the final two-run segments and shut it down when I got to the cool-down part of the run and walked that.

Yes, I can see improvements in my conditioning, but I also know that I have a long way to go.

Variables that impacted the run:

Injuries/Niggles: The Achilles continues to improve, but I still have to be cognizant of what the hell I am doing. When I run faster, I am not using my fast-running form yet. I am still attempting to keep my stride shorter and increase speed by increasing my cadence. I don’t feel as though I am running as fast as I can this way, but it does protect the Achilles better. 

If I attempt to use my usual go faster stride (more forefoot type of landing and hard toe push-off), it puts too much pressure on the Achilles, and it starts to crumble very quickly. Otherwise, the Achilles feels more like a tight area than a painful one, which is progress. I know that I have to keep working on the “other stuff” besides running to strengthen it and hopefully get back to the other running form as it gets better.

Weather: Overcast clouds, 45°F, feels like 40°F, Humidity 76%, Wind 3mph from N – Yes, I dug out the gloves, l/s tech shirt, running jacket, and running pants. It was definitely chilly out there. Although I took the gloves off coming back on Blake and noticed that I had lost one when I got home. Yeah, I drove the truck back down and found it by the old cranberry bog. No, I wasn’t going to run back to Blake Road to see where it fell out of the jacket pocket.

Shoes: ASICS EvoRide 2 – Felt good the entire run, nothing to complain about with them at all. 

Although, for some reason, I have the urge to try out the NB 1080 v10s that I was running in when I hurt my Achilles back in March. It might simply be I am bored running in one brand’s offerings and am not used to doing that. I have run in nothing but ASICS running shoes since April 23, and while the three pairs that I am rotating are doing great, after so many years of running in multiple brands/styles, it feels so strange to not using numerous brands. 

Or what I believe is more likely, that I need to know if it was the shoes that caused the Achilles to become an issue or if it was one of those things that I didn’t pay enough attention to and was simply poor training choices by me. Especially since I really liked the feel/ride of the 1080 v10s.

I will probably get them out on an easy run next week to see if they are part of the problem or add them back into the rotation. It would be nice to have a little more variety in the running shoes since the Nimbus Lite 2 have become more my daily walking shoes than the everyday trainers I thought they would be. They are just damned comfortable to walk in.

Also, mostly because I can. 


  1. I have a similar experience and I’m not sure if it’s me or the shoes. Sometimes, I feel pressure on my right toe after wearing the pair of shoes the whole day, like when I go on a day trip where I spend most of the time walking. I’ve had this pair of shoes for quite some time and strangely it’s only my right toe that feels the pressure, and this pair of the shoes happens to be Asics too, lol. This pair of shoes has been great and I like it but like I said, there are times when I feel the pressure on my right toe. I’m on the lookout for one or two more pairs of shoes to be worn for different purposes.

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    • I have pretty much figured out that it is me, not the shoes, when I looked back to write my lessons learned from this injury, my training prior to the injury had some areas where I could have done things differently. Also, the NB 1080 v10s that I was wearing the day my Achilles decided it had had enough were/are too tight in the midfoot the way they were made with the elasticized bands holding the tongue in place and too short the way the tongue is designed. Those things probably did not contribute to the Achilles problem, but are fit issues that made them less comfortable to run in. I have cut the elastic bands out and the shoe fits better but is still a bit too snug in the toe box for longer running, but I can still use them for stuff up to 4-5 miles, so I will get some use out of them. I like the way they feel underfoot enough that I found a fantastic deal on eBay and took a chance on getting another pair a size up from the 8.0s I have now to see if it is the shoes or my weirdly shaped feet that are stopping me from running in the NB 1080 v10s. Good luck with the shoe search, I hope that you find what you are looking for at a great price. 🙂

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