Wednesday – May 26, 2021

Today’s Focus

Heat Acclimation = slow running

Not today’s run, but the same shoes

Planned Workout Description: 

Workout: 20-30 minutes recovery run

Purpose: To recover fully from yesterday’s increase. It is also forecast to be a scorching day in the ’80s, with high humidity and storms in the afternoon, so I will need to get the run done this morning and hope it isn’t too hot by the time I get to it.



Run #1

  • Course: Bartlett O/B 
  • Type: Recovery run
  • Distance: 3.0
  • Duration: 30:51
  • Power: 193
  • Running Streak Day #: 3

What I Actually Did Today: 

Today was all about finishing the run and not feeling like crap in the heat. I also tried to stay in the shade as much as possible – that running smarter in the heat. I maintained a steady effort which was what I was looking for in the weather we had. Even up the hills, I didn’t push the pace at all and stayed pretty comfortable. Although I wouldn’t have wanted to run a lot further in the heat and humidity, I was a sweaty mess by the time I finished.

Variables that impacted the run:

Injuries/Niggles: The Achilles continues to get better. Good enough that I want to experiment a little tomorrow. 

Weather: Clear sky, 74°F, Feels like 77°F, Humidity 73%, Wind 3mph from SSW

Shoes: ASICS Nimbus Lite 2 – Felt good going at the slower speeds and didn’t cause any issue during the run. 

Other Stuff

I reset my Stryd Power CP. It was too low because of the rehab process that I used to get back to running after the Achilles injury. However, I am starting to run more than walk, and the CP needs to come up a bit to be more realistic for my running comfort. 

Since I have been running 30:00 minutes easy every other day for a week now without any issue, I played around with faster paces, with strides on Sunday. Also, my run/walk efforts are getting close to an hour, so based on that progress, I decided to go with the Intro to Stryd training plan starting Monday. 

The Intro plan isn’t that difficult, except for the 5K time trial at the end of the two weeks. If the faster stuff bothers my Achilles, I can bail and not give the max effort they ask for. 

No, I do not believe that I am not rushing the recovery. It is more that I am simply using an alternative plan that aligns more with the direction that I will be going in the future, so why not start now. 

The other thing was I threw out the cheap toe-socks that I used this morning. They were not Injinji and they bothered my toes during the run and after when I was moving wood while wearing them. That was my last pair of that style and I won’t be buying them again. If you are going to get toe-socks stay with the Injinji, they work a lot better than the knock-offs.

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