Tuesday – May 25, 2021

Today’s Focus

Listen to the body

Getting ready to run up Stevens Hill

Planned Workout Description: 

5:00 minute warm-up, 10 x 3:00 minute run, with 1:00 minute walk recovery, 5:00 minute cool-down

Purpose: To continue the rehab of the Achilles and not do too much too soon. The Achilles is doing better as long as I don’t attempt to simultaneously increase both duration and pace. I am hoping that it continues to do so.


20 leg swing routine (front, side, forward and back rotations) 



  • ·     Course:  Howard-Town Office-Top of Philbrick
  • ·     Type of Run: Run/Walk — 10 x 3:00 minute with 3:00 minute recovery
  • ·     Distance: 4.84
  • ·     Duration: 50:09
  • ·     Power: 189
  • ·     Running Streak Day #: 3 

What I Actually Did: 

I did a slow warm-up run, then continued to run slow on the 3:00 minute run repeats and did the cool-down the same way. Today was not about going fast. This workout was about adapting to the increase in the duration of the run portions. Thankfully, there were no parts of the run where I felt that I needed the walk, although going up both Blake and Stevens Hill, I won’t say that I was disappointed that the watch told me it was time to walk when I did.

The Achilles stayed in the 2-3 discomfort range, which I expected, so that was fine. I can tell that I lost a lot of conditioning since March, and this slow return to running is what I do need, versus just go back to the training methods that I usually do. Plus, I am not ready to do any of the Stryd plans – yet, but I am getting closer.

Variables that impacted the run:

  • Injuries/Niggles: The Achilles stayed within tolerable limits, and I didn’t attempt to push the pace at all this morning.
  • Weather: Clear sky, 63°F, Feels like 60°F, Humidity 59%, Wind 6mph from SSW
  • Shoes: EvoRide (37.59) – No problems with the shoes at all. They were comfortable from start to finish. I put them on and pretty much forgot about them.

Other Stuff

My weight workout today was filling a six-foot truck bed with firewood. It was for a good reason, and when I got it done, I knew it was the correct thing to do.

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