RunLog – Wednesday – May 19, 2021

Today’s Focus

I want to do more as the Achilles starts to feel better, and this is also when I typically re-injure whatever is injured when I start to do too much too soon. 

Trust the plan – damnit.

Planned Workout Description: 

  • 10:00 minute warm-up run – easy
  • 8 x 2:00 minute run – easy, with 2:00 minute recovery

Purpose: To continue load management on the left Achilles and allow me to get some miles in, although it is going to get close to the ‘80s today, so heat acclimation will slow my butt down too. I plan to wear the Magic Speed more to get them broke in with a few miles than to run fast, but I need to be disciplined and not go fast in them. We will see. They need to be worn 1-2 times a week, just to remind me how to run in them. They do have a bit of a different stride than the EvoRide 2s or Nimbus Lite 2s.



Run #1

  • ·    Course:  Philbrick Laps
  • ·    Distance: 1.13
  • ·    Duration: 10:
  • ·    Power: 206
  • ·    Running Streak Day #: 10

Run #2

  • ·    Course:  Philbrick Laps – ending at the upper gate
  • ·    Distance: 3.52
  • ·    Duration: 42:24
  • ·    Power: 152

What I Actually Did: 

I did the workout and nothing more.

You know, doing what I am supposed to do.

My not so smart half kept telling myself that I could do this or that, speed up, run extra on the repeats, just keep running after the last one, and all that kind of nonsense that I usually listen to. Today, I didn’t listen and just did the workout as planned. Although, I gotta be honest, it wasn’t easy, but at the same time, I have to be more self-disciplined and trust the plan that I have put together.

It is a decent plan, and if I do it as it is designed, I have a better chance of getting back to full running by the end of June with a minimum of setbacks. Doing a good plan at 90-100% is a lot better than doing a great plan at 50-70%.

Otherwise, everything was good. The Achilles didn’t get too grumpy, and even at the end, it was still only in the 2-3 range on the pain scale, which I will take. The only thing I did differently is instead of walking the 5:00 minute cool-down, I ran easy and then walked back to the house.

Everything felt pretty good for a change.

Variables that impacted the run:

Injuries/Niggles: Yes, the Achilles is improving, but definitely still not ready for prime time. The right lower back/glute area is slightly grumbly, but nothing serious, and the right plantar region is about the same, not great but not too bad either.

Weather: Clear sky, 67°F, Feels like 58°F, Humidity 27%, Wind 8mph from NNW

Shoes: ASICS Magic Speed (9.3) – I purposely wore them today to get a few miles to make sure they are broke-in when I start to use them for the faster workouts. However, they did great this morning at the slower paces I forced on them. I have a feeling that I could use these for most training runs too.

Other Stuff

Nothing serious. We are still having work done on the house and will probably until Memorial Day weekend. So, I am running on a catch as catch can kind of basis and doing my running/other stuff whenever I can between keeping Bennie semi-sane, answering questions, running to get a few things at Home Depot, along with rototilling and cleaning brush outback. 

Yeah, I am tired tonight. I can handle all the usual stuff, no problem. It is having the house worked on disrupts the peace and calm around the house that fatigues me so much.

Prehab & Rehab – stuff that I have to do

Strength Work – I did whack on the tire and do the calf exercises on the steps. I guess rototilling the Spring Garden and then playing with the chainsaw in the afternoon should count as strength work. I know my shoulders are a bit tight tonight.

Stretching – Not today

Mobility – I managed to do the pill bottle massage and iced 2x, but otherwise, I was pretty much tuckered out and didn’t have the git up and go to do a whole lot today.

Balance – Not Today

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