RunLog – Sunday – May 16, 2021

Today’s Focus

What is the one thing that I need to focus to on today?

Trust the training plan. 

I have put together a rehab plan that will take me to the end of June and doesn’t have that big jump in mileage when I am not ready for it. I tend to do this when I am coming back from an injury, which leads to more injuries. The classic cycle of boom or bust running that I do so well.

I need to trust the plan that I have in place, and while I will need to be flexible at times, to adapt to situations that happen. The structure that the plan gives me, in the long run, will get me back to running without limitations sooner than my usual ad hoc – do what I feel like that day, running ideas that have failed so miserably in the past. 

I have to be disciplined enough to do what is in the plan and not keep manipulating it to have the “do too much creep” become a factor in my Rehab.

Planned Workout Description: 

Today will be an easy 10:00 minute run or rest day.

I might have overdone it yesterday with the total workout being over 4.7 miles and then mowing the road lawn (2.2 more miles). The left Achilles/ankle area swelled up a bit last night. It isn’t too bad this morning, so I will wait until after Bennie’s long walk to decide whether to do an easy run or take the day off. If I run, it will only be 10:00 minutes to get the gunk moving in the legs. I do want to do some strength and stretching work this morning. If I can do those 3 times a week and do the mobility and balance stuff most days, I think that will be a nice balance. 

Maybe do the stretching and strength work on alternating days. My problem is that I tend to go overboard and do too much, then burn out on the non-running stuff that I do need to do. Now is the time to create new routines that allow me to run better, be stronger, and lose some weight while I am at it.


20 leg swing routine (front, side, forward and back rotations) 

40 air squats



·    Course:  Philbrick/Howard Lap

·    Distance: 1.12

·    Duration: 10:06

·    Power: 216

·    Running Streak Day #: 7

What I Actually Did: 

I did exactly what I had planned. I ran for 10:00 minutes. Although before running, I got TheWife to video me running. Unfortunately, the results were exactly the same as they always have been. 

A classic heel striker

I am the classic heel striker who over-extends his leg and then wonders why he gets injured so much. Oh well, it gives me something to look at, and at this point in my running, I am pretty confident that not a whole lot is going to change in the future. Although I could see a definite limp with the left leg from the Achilles injury, which I also expected based on how the leg feels when I run.

You can watch the video if you want to see what poor running form and what a real heel striker looks like. 😁

A video of poor running form and a classic heel striker.

As we finished the video work, another runner went by, which is unusual where we live. Although I’ve seen him go by the house before, I don’t know who he is or where he is coming from. 

I started down the road for my run, and he was still in sight. Only about 100 yards ahead of me, I managed to maintain that distance or close the gap a little until I turned around at the top of the hill. 

For as much as I did yesterday, the Achilles didn’t feel that bad, but I didn’t push too hard either. 

Variables that impacted the run:

Injuries/Niggles: The left Achilles tendon is not as bad as I thought it would be this morning but is still a little swollen and grumpy. My right plantar region is still sore from wearing the Lareto’s, which have been put in the back of the garage, and my right glute (piriformis) was stiff to start out but came out of it on Bennie’s first walk. Just call me old aches and pains. 😆

Weather: Clear sky, 63°F, Feels like 60°F, Humidity 67%, Wind 7mph from NNE. Just about perfect for a nice run.

Shoes: ASICS EvoRide 2 (17.08) – Did everything that I expected them to, not a lot more to add or talk about.

Other Stuff

This afternoon, I mowed the main lawn, which didn’t make the Achilles too happy. It is the constant turning that really bothers it, and when mowing the lawn, you are constantly making turns. One of those “suck it up buttercup” kind of things.

Prehab & Rehab – stuff that I have to do

Strength Work – I did visit the back of the garage and played with the weights for a few minutes, mainly 2 sets of 10 reps on 6 exercises, and a lot of single-leg calf raises or single-leg eccentric calf drops

Stretching – Not much.

Mobility – I did the pill bottle mobility routine and used The Stick on my calves and hamstrings.

Balance – Not really

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