RunLog – Saturday – May 15, 2021

Today’s Focus:

Quality over Quantity

Planned Workout Description: 

10:00 minute warmup

8 x 2:00 Run x 2:00 Recovery

Do a 1.0 Mile warmup run to see how the Achilles is doing, and then do the planned workout. Run toward the Town Office and turn around when done with the 4th running rep. Do the full strength and stretching routines in addition to pounding on the tire.


20 leg swing routine (front, side, forward and back rotations) 

40 air squats


1.0 Mile warmup run

Run #1 

·    Course:  Philbrick/Howard Lap

·    Distance: 1.07

·    Duration: 9:54

·    Power: 214

·    Running Streak Day #: 6 

Run #2

·    Course:  Howard – Blake Bump 

·    Distance: 3.67

·    Duration: 45:31

·    Power: 154

 What I Actually Did: 

The mile warmup lap probably felt the best that I have in a while. Just a bit of tightness from the Achilles, and everything else felt pretty good too. However, the Rehab run was a bit of a cluster f#$@, but it was primarily my own fault. I uploaded the wrong Stryd workout and was a bit discombobulated from the start of the run. I pretty much went from doing my warmup to running the first lap of the workout consecutively. 

Coming up out of Howard, the neighbors were walking their dog right where the two-minute segment ended. I wasn’t really in the mood to talk this morning, so I waved, said “Hi,” and didn’t stop until the Stop sign. Which meant only about 50 seconds to rest and move on to the next 2:00 minute running segment.

After that everything was fine. I got things back under control and did the 2:00 minute run, 2:00 minute recovery walks, as I planned. Unfortunately, this workout has 10 repeats, not my planned 8, so I just did the extra 2 run repeats. I probably should have stopped at the 8, there is a reason for the cut-back, and the Achilles started to get a little grumpy on the last two. Nothing serious, but it wasn’t thrilled about doing those 2 extra running repeats.

Although I was happy with how I ran up Blake Hill and also Stevens Hill. I have made myself run those no matter where I am in a workout. Those hills are not walking areas anymore. The brain has accepted that idea, but the body ain’t that thrilled about it by the time I get ¾ of the way up, it is ready to start the walk, and when I don’t, it becomes a matter of if I don’t mind, it won’t matter. I ran up both of them.

I can feel the Achilles and the ankle area getting stronger, so hopefully, everything keeps going in this direction. 

Now, I have to learn how to use the Stryd library function instead of just winging it. 🤔

Variables that impacted the run:

Injuries/Niggles: The left Achilles got a little grumpy after the 8th running repeat, but before that, it felt the best it has in a while. My right foot, the heel area (plantar region), has been bothering me for a couple of days, nothing serious, but it complains a little when I wear the NB Laretos. The right elbow bothers a little when I whack the tire right-handed, so I had to square up to take some of the pressure off when I hit the tire.

Weather: Clear sky, 68°F, Feels like 65°F, Humidity 36%, Wind 2mph from South 

Shoes: ASICS EvoRide 2 were comfortable and didn’t bother at all. I just feel good with the stride they allow me to use, and they don’t seem to bother the Achilles as much as some other shoes have. 

Other Stuff

I had planned on doing a lot more of the “other” work today, but this morning’s run took more out of me than I expected. It was a lot hotter than I am used to, and I am definitely not acclimated to it yet.

So I bailed on the strength and stretching work this morning and then got the great idea to mow the roadside lawn this afternoon. That didn’t help either the Achilles or my motivation to do anything else. 

To top it off, when I finished mobilization work this evening, I noticed that I hadn’t put the ice pack back into the freezer this morning. Dummy! No icing of the Achilles tonight, when I could have really used it, oh well, it just was one of those kinds of days, and you make the best of them.


I was outside an awful lot and even listened to a podcast, but not really a lot of reading.

Book: nothing

Online articles:

Effect of Advanced Shoe Technology on the Evolution of Road Race Times in Male and Female Elite Runners

Prehab & Rehab – stuff that I have to do

Strength Work

  • Whacking tire

o Sledgehammer – 100

  • Eccentric Calf Drops

o Steps – 2-3×15

o Floor – 1×15

  • Calf Raises

o Steps – 2-1×15

o Floor – 1×15

I didn’t do all the strength work that I planned.


  • Runner’s Lunge

o Step/Chair – 2-1×10 count

o Floor 


  • Pill Bottle
  • Icing 1x



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