A Little Progress is Good News – RunLog 5/10/21

Today was my first run in quite a while. I ran for almost 25:00 consecutive minutes with just a short pause at the top of Stevens Hill to catch a breath before finishing where the tar starts about 200 yards from the upper gate.

Which is progress!

The leg is coming along slowly but surely, and I think that the ASICS Evoride 2s that I got last week are part of the solution. They don’t seem to put as much pressure on my ankle/Achilles area as other trainers have for me lately, which is a great thing. I also do like the fit and feel, they are firm but cushioned, which is exactly what I was looking for. No big initial review or anything, just a couple of quick comments regarding my initial thoughts about them.

It will be exciting to see how they do going forward. I already like them better than the Nimbus Lite 2s, which I liked a lot, so that says a lot right there. I just want to get some good runs in them before I say too much.

I think the Achilles is starting to respond to the eccentric loading that I am doing with it. Plus, I am not being stoopid about how much I am doing when I am not running. Then not running when I know I have a big day ahead, like Sunday where I got to mow the lawns for about 3 hours and took off the day from running.

You know the kind of stuff that doesn’t over-tax the Achilles too much.

Although after today’s run, I did walk for 5:00 minutes, then started run/walking 1:00 minute on 1:00 minute off to get another mile in, which I plan to do more of the workouts this way. Start with an easy run for 20-30 minutes, then stop walk a ways and start doing the run/walk to get more mileage in, without creating too much overload on the body as I get back in shape. It also gives me a chance to look at the different stats and metrics as a runner, not a run/walker, to get some baselines on me inside the Stryd ecosystem.

If I do that little extra 2-3 times a week, dependent upon how the Achilles is progressing, I think it will help me get back in reasonable shape a little quicker.

Progress, now to keep doing the process, not getting too ahead of myself with the rehab, then I will probably get back to running the way I want sometime in June. Slow and steady will result in a stronger body and mind from now on.

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