April 2021 – Equals Patience

April 2021 was not the month I was expecting, but it was the month that happened. That left Achilles tendon, whatever it was, didn’t go away and only let me run around ten miles of actual running. I managed to keep walking, but running was too painful to do much more than dream about running and think about the changes I need to make to meet my October 23rd goal.

I got a Garmin Forerunner 245 watch and am loving it. It plays nicely with the Stryd pod, and between the two of them, I get to look at metrics and stats that may help me run a bit better and once I get a handle on running with Power – train better. Well, at least once I get back to running and establish a proper baseline. The 245 has many bells and whistles, and figuring out where the different settings are is sometimes an adventure. 

I did start using the watch’s training setting, which is helping me stay a bit closer to what I planned on doing for a run. Rather than my usual winging it and doing way too much-not that I ever do that.

Yeah, right.

Although I did manage to overdo a workout on one of my rehab runs where I was feeling a bit too froggy and paid for the next day. Still, I am starting to figure this Achilles rehab stuff out and am getting closer to running more and walking less.

One thing…well, multiple things in one are that I am doing mobilization, stretching, balance, or strength work at least six days a week, and it is making a difference. I feel stronger, have better proprioception, and even am using a different notch on my belt.

Running Shoes

ASICS Nimbus Lite 2 – I am delighted with how they perform during the rehab run/walks that I am doing now. The toe box is accommodating my Tailor’s Bunionette support thingy while running, so I have fewer issues with my right foot-a very good thing. I did change out the dark laces to some that match the midsole color, and I think they look a lot better. I can’t wait to run longer in them and see how they feel on those runs.

Atreyu The Artist – To say that I am disappointed with them is an understatement. I had high hopes for what I would use them for, but the heel counter and my oddly shaped feet did not work together well. Otherwise, if the heel counter had worked for me, I could see using them for tempo or faster long runs over the summer. However, even so, they are not quite what I was looking for as my race day shoe in October due to the way the upper doesn’t fit my feet comfortably.

New Balance 1080 v10 – Moved to the back of the garage until later, so I can see if they are part of the reason for my Achilles woes or not.

Nike React Miler – Are under the dresser, and while they do okay for shorter runs, they would bother my feet at the 4-5 mile mark, so I am waiting for everything to calm down before I make any decision on what I will do with them.

New Balance Beacon 2: They are my gym shoes and will stay in my gym bag most likely until I get back to the gym. They are fantastic shoes for when everything else in the rotation “just ain’t working,” and I am desperate to be able to run in something. However, they have a few too many things that make me go mmmm to be my daily trainers. 

All the above means that I currently have a rotation of one pair of running shoes – the ASICS Nimbus Lite 2s. That is unheard of in the last 8-9 years! I know that will change, but to have one pair of running shoes in my current rotation – all I can say is Wow!

I know that I am very particular about the running shoes I am wearing and am finally getting to the point where reviewing shoes isn’t all that important. I want to find a brand and focus on that brand for a while, and for now, I think that brand will be ASICS. They fit my feet better than most brands, have a decent selection of running shoes that I like, and ASICS has improved their line-up so much in the last two years.

Maybe it is a sign that I am starting to get rather tired of the shotgun style of effort I have been using for so many years when it comes to running shoes. Maybe it will slow down my wanton ways of surfing eBay and Amazon to find great deals on older shoes so that I can say I have tried them.

I am not a running shoe reviewer anymore, I am a runner who has a running shoe problem, and there is a difference. 😂 Although if a great deal on a fantastic pair of running shoes comes my way, I am probably not going to say no to it. Old habits die hard.


While I am not changing how or what I am eating very much, I track what I put down the pie hole, which makes me think about what I do eat and how much. It does make me think a little more about what I do eat.

The reality is that

I was disappointed that my Achilles tendon issues still bother me to the point where running is not going that well. It could be worse, and it will be better, but I have to keep focusing on my rehab plan and not rush (too much) so that I get back to running stronger and better than I was before the injury.

Running shoes will always come or go, and I will have more than most runners, but if I limit myself to one brand, it limits the numbers that I will want to try and hopefully let me focus more on running, training smarter, and racing more often.

With the FR245 and Stryd pod, I hope that my training methods will improve and that using Power to train will help me avoid my typical over-training mistakes. That doing too much too soon thing I am famous for.


  1. My Doc said that the Achilles issue can drag on for a long time.
    The longer you take to address it the longer it takes to get better.
    I suspect that the more you push your recovery the longer it takes to recover.
    Mine was feeling better last month and I managed about 15 running miles.
    But I have noticed that my pain level has plateaued for the past few months.
    Things are better but I’m beginning to think that running when I’m not in pain is just prolonging my recovery.
    I think you and I are in the same boat.
    My plan is to ice my ankle several times a day and not run at all until things improve substantially.
    That could take a while but I don’t see a better alternative.
    And yeah, I’m not real happy about it.

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    • You are probably a lot smarter than I am, but I will keep plugging away at what I am doing a bit longer. It is getting better, but slowwwwwwly. I can do things I couldn’t just a week ago, so as long as I stay conservative and don’t try to run/walk more than 3-4 miles at a time, it seems to be progressing. 🙂

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