Rehab Run #3 – RunLog 4/28/21

The leg is feeling better, slowly but surely. It just takes time for an Achilles tendon issue to calm down and then get so you can get back to running the way that I want to. Definitely longer than you want it to.

Today was going to be my third time doing 16 x 1:00 minute with 2:00 minute rests, and last time I felt strong, so this morning if the leg cooperated, I wanted to do a little more than I have been.


The first few 1:00 minute repeats felt a bit forced, but after the third one, the body remembered what it was supposed to do, and I started feeling pretty good. By the fifth repeat, I had decided that on number eight, I would run for 3:00 minutes to change the workout from 1:00 minute runs with 2:00 recoveries to 2:00 minute runs with 1:00 minute recoveries.

The three consecutive minutes are the longest run I have done in a while, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure how it would go. The level of discomfort did increase a little, but not enough to shut things down. When I got to the end of the 3:00 minutes, I might have done a little fist pump.

Sometimes it is the small victories that mean a lot and while running for 3:00 consecutive minutes is not a big thing, it was a big deal to me at this point in my rehab.

You don’t realize how much more work a small change like that makes in a run. I made it through the rest of the run, but I had to work a lot harder than I did on Monday. I can say that it challenged me quite a bit, and the Achilles wasn’t thrilled by it but didn’t get too grumpy over the change, but let me know that was enough when I got done. It must have been that last quarter-mile that I added in while I was supposed to be doing a recovery section at the end. heheheehee

I have been icing after workouts for a couple of weeks. I have also been reading that there are mixed thoughts about icing and whether it is beneficial. So I will be a human guinea pig again and stop icing after workouts for the rest of the week to see if the leg gets better or worse. Time will tell.

Although in the afternoon, I have been making the Achilles a bit more grumpy. We have a LOT of blown-down trees in the back of the garage that needs to be cleaned up.


I have been chainsawing and then moving the 3-5 foot long sections to the big brush pile near the boundary. Carrying those logs over the uneven terrain probably ain’t in the Achilles’ best interests, and I notice that it complains a lot by the time I get an hour of brush clearing done. So I take the hint and stop when it starts to get too grumpy.

It sucks, but clearing this section of woods is our summer project, so the leg will suck it up and do what it needs to do. Although, it will probably make it so that it takes me longer to get back to running the way I want to later than it would if I just rested it in the afternoon.

The brush clearing is a part of living in a rural area, where you have to take care of the woods around your home. It is better to have the brush piled into big piles further away from the house than have dry tinder close to the house or garage.

I am encouraged with the progress the Achilles is making despite my best efforts to sabotage it with my afternoon sessions in the woods. All the calf raises, eccentric calf drops, and work to strengthen my body seems to be making a difference. Now to keep committed to doing the work.

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