Run #2 in the Rehab Cycle – RunLog 4/26/21

The winds keep coming pretty steady around 20 mph, with gusts just a tad higher at times. I braved them to get out and do my 16 x 1:00 with 2:00 recoveries rehab workout this morning.

I was looking forward to this run, so a bit of wind wouldn’t stop me from getting out the door, especially with the sun shining. However, I was happy that I had on my winter running hat, running gloves, and running jacket. The temps might have said 39*F, but with those cold winds out of the NW, it felt more like it was in the low ’20s.

The first part of the run was just getting it done. I ignored my pace and worked more on cadence and running tall. I figure pace will be something to worry about in a race, not during my workouts any longer.


Especially since I will be running with a power-based training program once the leg heals up and I get back to running regularly again, so I might as well get used to looking at my pace differently than I have in the past. However, it is difficult to do after basing my training primarily on this metric for so many years, but I am getting better at seeing the higher pace numbers and not freaking out–too much.

Once I got down to the slight bump before Tiffany, I decided to make some of the run repeats slightly longer. Nothing serious, but the leg felt better than it has, and I have been working the ancillary training pretty hard, so I felt confident of not screwing anything up. I only added 10-30 seconds for a few, so it wasn’t all that much.

Although before I started running, somewhere around the 4th metatarsal on top of my right foot was bothering a little while on Bennie’s first walk. It was nothing serious, but something I wasn’t expecting this morning, and the discomfort persisted through the warm-up. However, once I started running, I stopped noticing it, and later in the day, it didn’t bother, so it was one of those unexplainable niggles that I get all too often, but they don’t seem to be anything serious. But I will keep an eye on the foot because that is pretty damn close to that troublesome Tailor’s Bunionette.

Otherwise, this was one of those I got the work done workouts. I finished the 16 x 1:00 without any issues and am gaining confidence that all the extra work I have been doing is helping.

No, I know that I am not ready to go out and run 2-3 miles without stopping, but another session or two of the 16 x 1:00 will be good, and then I will take the next step of moving to 10 x 2:00 minutes with 2:00 minute recoveries. This is simply part of the process for me to get back to running more like I used to a few years ago, not last month. 🤪 At least that is the plan.

I can’t wait to get back to running without as much walking, but at least these rehab runs are helping, and yes, I consider them actual runs.






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