A Minor Course Correction

This most recent Achilles tendon injury has given me time to think about what I want to do with my running going forward.

As a result of all that thinking, I am making a minor course correction with the direction of my blog.

That is the reason for the theme, title, and header changes. These changes really aren’t a big deal, but were needed for me to move forward with a more positive perspective and approach to my writing or running. Sometimes you don’t realize how negative you are thinking, until you look back at some of the drafts that are laying around unpublished. There was a LOT of negativity lurking below the surface that needed to be addressed and will be.

Part of this change was choosing to go back to some old friends in the title, “A Veteran Runnah,” a blog that took me out of my comfort zone at the time and helped me discover other talents that I didn’t know that I had. My first blog back in 2007 was called “My Thoughts, so combining those two blog titles into one felt right and was the correct play on words that I was looking to use for the direction that I want to go in the future. No, I am not getting back into pro blogging. The new header’s photos each have a story behind them and how the moment affected me as a runner. There might be a few more changes to the theme color scheme (I am not sure I like a dark theme). I didn’t like the dark theme, the title was tweaked a little, and the tagline will be a fluid thing that changes as I change, but those are minor things.

At age 63, I know that I see running and life from different perspectives than I have before. I don’t know if they are better, but they are definitely different. Plus, I am finally starting to accept that it takes a lot longer to recover from a hard workout and that my fast pace may now be what used to be my slow pace. Then add in all the assorted aches, pains, or injuries that seem to be part of being a runner are much more noticeable and take longer to heal than they used to be.

The changes you might notice is me focusing on the how I am going to improve my running versus dreaming or saying that I will do it, then going back to the same old things I always do. I going to try new things, look at different ideas, use technology when appropriate, (yes, running shoes will still be a problem), and whether whatever it is works for me or not. More reality versus wishful thinking. A lot like the ideas I shared in this post, which should have come after, not before this one. 😁

Another icing session with the Achilles

This journey and the changes are not about me becoming the next great Master’s runner. I don’t have any delusions of grandeur, but at the same time, I will not limit myself by placing artificial barriers to whatever I can do in the future. I know that I have a modicum of talent, but due to many reasons – I have never been able to reach the potential that others and I have seen glimpses of over the years. Now it is time for me to stop sabotaging my efforts and see if there is anything left of those glimpses.

The road I have taken will have its share of bumps, twists, failures, and topsy-turvy turns along the way of that there is no doubt. There will also be fun times, lots of laughter, the camaraderie of other runners, and hopefully achieving those goals that I have set for myself. However, both are a part of life and how we rise to meet the challenges make us who we are.

There will even be a few Harold being Harold episodes, but they are not the focus of my journey, just experiences that I get to share a chuckle or two with you.

It will be an interesting journey to see what adventures lie ahead on this road less traveled by.

Now to keep focusing on the How will I do…and yes, the story continues.


  1. It’s good that you have decided to be more positive in your outlook. However, I really miss the old title of your blog “Harold Being Harold”. I know that those “HBH” moments may not be the focus of your writing, but I thought that the old title added that fun and comedic element to your blog. On the other hand, the “HBH” title does seem to allude to some kind of comedy, which is not really what the bulk of your writing is about. Whichever title you decide on, the most important thing is that you enjoying your running. I almost forgot to say…thanks for sharing so many reviews about your running shoes and all the places that you’ve visited while running. I try to read your posts as often as I can. I am confident that you can achieve your goal in running. 😀 So what’s the story about the word “runnah”? Do tell. 😉


    • Yeah, having fun with the blog will still happen, but Harold being Harold was more like I was waiting for an incident to happen to write about. 😛 If you want to read a lot of reviews on running shoes and products, go to Road, Run Trail (https://www.roadtrailrun.com), Sam Winebaum has some of the best reviews on the web. I appreciate all of your comments and that you keep taking time out of your day to read what I write. I am going through a good period of self-reflection and resetting a few things with my running and beyond. Taking care of a few demons that need to be exorcised from my life. Runnah is a play on words, up heah in Maine we don’t say the “er” and instead say “ah”, so I am former military, so that is part of being a veteran, plus having been a runnah for almost 50 years makes me a veteran runner and being from Maine makes me a Runnah. hehehehe.

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  2. Thanks for recommending the website with reviews on running shoes and products! Good luck with your exorcism! I also need to reset some things in my life, like being more positive and to stop procrastinating, though I’m not sure if can be considered an exorcism. I notice you using “heah” as a play on the word “here”, another example that you’re from Maine. By the way, I just noticed that you just changed the title of this blog again to “A Veteran Runnah’s Thoughts”.

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  3. The “Bert and I” YouTube video that you forwarded is entertaining! This is a good way to find out what the Maine accent sounds like.

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    • Glad you liked it, when we listened to it, it brought back memories of listening to it in Junior High, when the teacher got fed up with our behaviors and wanted to get the class back under control, she would play the Bert and I records. It worked and got her through some tough classes. hehehe, not that I was ever a mischievous child or visited the Principal’s office too often. 🥸

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