Day 2 – Rehab Runlog 4/7/21

There is still some swelling in the Left Achilles and a bit of hitch in the walking stride, so I didn’t attempt to do a whole lot of walking beyond Bennie’s three required walks today.

I did Wilk’s mobilization routine, foam rolling, then 20 minutes (easy) on the elliptical, followed by 20 minutes of icing and another 20 minutes after supper. The elliptical didn’t bother, but I can see where my previous longer efforts might have been a little too much too soon for the leg and when you add in the walks which are rather uncomfortable by the end. It means I am not ready for prime time yet and that I gotta take it slow and easy.

Yeah, and not let Harold being Harold take control.

A running friend did send me a pair of ASICS Nimbus Lite 2s to play with once I get the leg back into running condition. Between them and the Meraki v1s, that should be a nice trainer rotation and enough shoe to protect the Achilles as I get back in shape – when it is ready. Although I am certain that the black laces will be replaced by some matching florescent yellow/green laces at some point.

I will put the 1080 v10s away until the leg has a bunch of healthy miles on it and then see if they are part of the solution or part of the problem.

Although with Stryd’s newest release and update, it made me wish that I had waited the extra few weeks to get one. Oh well, I will probably take them up on their special subscription offer by May 6th and cancel my Microsoft premium since I don’t do a lot with it anymore. That way, it will be a wash, and I won’t notice any increases on the old card statement.

Now to get ready for my COVID-19 second shot tomorrow. I am not looking forward to the probable side effects, but it will be a relief to have it done and over with. Getting back to whatever the new normal will be is important to me and almost everyone else.

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