Day 1 – It Starts Again – RunLog 4/6/21

Nope no running, the Achilles is not ready for prime time – yet.

However, I did start my rehab that is based mainly on Wilk’s Running Recovery Injury Program. I don’t plan to follow his program entirely, but enough to get back to running pain-free and then keep myself in maintenance mode with many of the things he believes are essential.

Especially, the closed chain exercises are something that I need to keep in my maintenance plan.

Today was manual manipulation and stretching.

Bennie checking out what I was up to

Yeah, I forgot how much, or should I say, the many places in my legs besides the Achilles that have areas that need attention – lots of it. TheWife checked in on me because of the noises coming from where I was torturing myself, and Bennie was watching me closely to ensure that I was okay with those big brown eyes of his.

The Achilles’ issues were pretty evident, and I expected the discomfort levels that came with manipulating it. However, other places in my leg spasmed, cramped, twitched and made interesting noises emanate from me. More than a few #$#@, %$^$#@, @#!$%^, was said, and more than a few more grunts or groans may have been added.

I survived.

The stretching was more like getting a 2×4 out and trying to lean it against the wall, but I managed to get through them. Icing the heel area was fun, but icing is a part of what needs to be done until the swelling is resolved.

Today was all about getting re-acquainted with the exercises, manipulations, and stretches, along with figuring out the areas of my body that need attention.

I learned that both legs have a bunch of work ahead of them, but if I am honest with myself, I knew that they were a mess. I had been ignoring all the warning signs that were there, attempting to get my attention.

Being the typical runner, I ignored all those signs and now am paying for it. 20/20 hindsight is very accurate, but we do with the knowledge that we gain from ignoring those warning signs in the future that is important. I have to do better if I want to achieve my goal this year. In other words, train smarter, listen to the body, do the work necessary beyond the running, and know that my running will get better.

Since I moved my watch, I noticed a difference in mobility between the arms of about a quarter-inch in their ability to turn inward. On the arm I used to wear my watch on, it twists more easily than the other arm. Yes, I can manually twist my other arm to see the watch face, but it makes funny noises when I do it.

It might not seem like much, but it is the difference between seeing the watch face clearly and having it at an angle that isn’t quite as visible. A strange adaptation that my body made to make it easier to see my watch.

Isn’t the body great!!!

Tomorrow I get to do it all again.

Running will happen, but the rehab happens first.

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