Dogs Again, but A Good Run – RunLog 3/8/21

It was a gorgeous Winter day outside this morning. Bright sunshine, just a bit of a breeze and temps still below freezing, but in the mid-’20s, so not too bad. A good day for a run.

I got going and felt good, well, at least until I got past the neighbor’s driveway and saw three shadows rushing towards me from the other side of the road. One snapped at my left arm but missed, and I quickly came to a stop. I turned and yelled at the three golden retrievers and prepared to defend myself if they got too close.

Yeah, the one I worry about most about biting me was missing, and while I focused on the three in front of me, I was more worried about where the fourth one was. The dogs were barking, lunging, and snarling at me, and I kept yelling at the dogs and towards the neighbor’s house for her to get her g-damned dogs.

She started to holler for them and the dogs responded and left to go back in their yard. It is getting a bit old to deal with the dogs coming out into the road after me. The fourth one did show up and started coming at me, barking and growling, after the others had left. I yelled at him to get back home, and so did the lady. He backed off and went back into the yard.

During all this commotion, I did turn off my GPS watch but didn’t remember doing it. 😝 It was one of those auto-pilot things runners do when interrupted on the run. Looking at Strava’s graph, it took a minute into the encounter before I did hit the stop button.

After that, it took a few minutes to get my focus back, and even then, I stewed about what had happened again. I seriously thought about calling the Town’s Animal Control Officer, but I will wait for the three-strike rule. Next time it happens, I will probably call and make a complaint.

Making complaints against neighbors is not something that I take lightly or want to do, but this is an ongoing issue and doesn’t seem to be getting better. When I see the neighbor, I plan to talk about what happened and hope that is the end of the problem.

The run itself was quite good.

I have been focusing on changing some of my movement patterns and what I focus on while running. It seemed to pay off pretty well today. The heart-rate was down a bit for a longer run (even with the dog encounter), cadence was up, time down, and my perceived level of effort was down.

All good things.

Especially since I was doing five laps on Philbrick with those ten turns costing me time each lap, and I lost over a minute to the dogs.

I was delighted with the run and the seeming lower effort levels to run a little better. Although I noticed before the run, my left Achilles was slightly tight/sore from running in the On’s yesterday. It didn’t affect the run today, but I can feel some soreness tonight—something to keep an eye on.

I did run in my Beacon 2’s and just felt very comfortable running in them. However, 10K or so is about as far as I want to run in them comfortably from my past experiences with them.

Besides getting to “play” with the neighbor’s dogs again, it was an excellent run. Although on my last lap the dogs were back out in the yard, but they didn’t bother me this time. You can bet that I did keep a close eye on them to make sure they didn’t come out at me again.

Later in the afternoon, I got a phone call from the VA, offering to set me up for my COVID-19 shots. I answered their questions, set a time/date, and will get my first shot later this week. It is one less thing to worry about.

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