Decided it Was Too Cold-Shut it Down Early – RunLog 3/5/21

Some days you try to get a decent run in and have to stop before you are ready. Then after you get back in the house, you think to yourself, I should have kept running.

When the truth is, you stopped at precisely the correct time.

That was me today.

Fridays are my scheduled day off during most weeks, but with the weather we have had causing me to miss two days already this week, I planned to run four to five miles today.

Mother Nature did not cooperating all that well.


While the roads were clear and runnable, the winds out of the North were brutal.

Bennie’s walk was pretty miserable, even while being all bundled up in my cold weather gear. I knew that if I ran today it would mean laps on Philbrick, with the understanding that if I needed to that I could cut it short a lot easier than if I ran someplace else.

The morning temps were in the 13-15*F range, with a 10-15 mph breeze bringing the wind chills down under 5*F, which is a no-go most of the time for me when it comes to running outside. So I waited until the afternoon in hopes that the temps were going up. They did, it was 16*F on our thermometer, and if I was going to run despite the frigid windchills, I might as well get it over with.

I wasn’t thrilled about the prospects of going out and running with those windchills, but I also want to get over 20 miles for the week and didn’t feel like having to do seven miles tomorrow, when the weather might be almost as brisk.

So I made the mistake of not wearing my merino wool socks and just went with my regular running socks. I left my brains in my pocket on that one, but I wanted to run in my blue Meraki’s today. However, I did learn that the Meraki’s are not a tremendous cold-weather shoe and are a bit too snug with the merino wool socks that I did try on before switching to the thinner socks for a more comfortable fit.

I should say a colder fit.

The first mile was tough getting loosened up, and it felt like the wind was in my face no matter which direction I was going. Always fun.

By the end of the first mile, my toes were already cold, which is never a good sign. Less than 10 minutes outside and my feet are already cold. I have had several instances of cold exposures to my feet, which left them not quite frostbitten but pretty close. My feet and hands are very sensitive to the cold, and when I get a certain feeling in either, I know it is time to get someplace warmer.

The good thing was that I got to work on my running form and cadence a little to see if I could smooth out a couple of things bugging me before serious training starts in a few weeks. As a result, I maintained a decent cadence and felt pretty good going up to the top of Philbrick on the second lap. However, when I got to the turn-around, my feet started to get the prickly sensation that hurt, so I knew then it was time to shut it down when I finished the second mile.

Also, my second toe on the left foot is a little longer than the big toe, and a callous is developing on the tip of it. That was starting to bother as well, and while I would typically ignore it, it was one more thing that was concerning-another reason to shut things down early.

The second mile was good, my form and cadence were doing the things that I wanted, but it was time to stop when I got back to the house. My feet were very uncomfortable, and although everything else felt fine, I would have chosen poorly if I had done another mile.

Two miles in single-digit temps Fahrenheit were enough for the way I had dressed today. Perhaps if I had worn my merino wool socks and used my Milers, I would have finished the five miles that I would have liked to have gotten.

Oh well, at least I got out the door and did a bit of running, but through my own mistakes, I couldn’t get the miles in that I wanted.

I will get to run again tomorrow.

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