The Winter Blahs Are Here

 Winter is almost over — Yeah!!!

One problem, we still have about a month of Wintry weather left.

Today was a great example of that. Temps were in the low teens to twenties Fahrenheit, with 20+ mph breeze out of the North and some higher gusts, when I was planning to run. Not what I call thrilling weather to run in. Hell, even the 1.5-mile walk I managed all bundled up wasn’t that pleasant.

So I didn’t run today. That makes two days this week where windy/cold weather overruled my motivation to get outside and run, even though the roads were clear and runnable. They are both perfect examples of days made for running inside on the treadmill, but since that ain’t an option…DNR in the running log.

I am now officially in the Winter “blahs” time. I can see the light at the end of Winter’s tunnel and even see predictions for relatively warmer weather in the forecasts coming soon (next week). Unfortunately, those same forecasts still have temps well below freezing, and the snow, ice, and all that other stuff that is still lying around on the ground tell me Winter isn’t quite over.

1CECD6B6-0E09-4D0E-8CC3-0A6AD47DAA5FIt sucks and plays games with the old noggin and will continue to, until the snow and cold weather are done for the year.

It HAS been a long Winter, and when you add in the damn pandemic keeping a pall over most things, yeah, I am tired and want both to go away.

I also know that there ain’t a lot I can do about either other than keep doing what I have been for the last three-four months. So I have to suck it up for a little longer and cut myself some slack if I don’t get my training runs in quite the way I have them planned.

I think that my Great-grandmother Bertha’s definition for this time of year was more accurate than many of the expert’s labels. She called this time of year “The Winter Blahs”.


Some signs that it is the “The Blah” times are:

  • Commiserating with running friends on social media sites about how long this Winter has been, especially since most in-person stuff isn’t happening,
  • Using words like jealous, I wish, etc., while chatting with your running friends, when they are talking about their running in temps 40º or higher,
  • Tired of running all bundled up and the endless laundry that it creates – Wearing 3-4 layers of clothes and sweating in them adds a lot to the wash load, plus it slows you down when running so that your paces resemble the tortoise more than the hare,
  • Running in shorts when it is 30º outside with a 20 MPH headwind in both directions. I know that I am exaggerating a little there, but not too much,
  • losing the incredible sense of adventure that running in fresh snow brought back in November/December – it has now become that white shite,
  • dreading going out to run in 20º or less temps, just knowing that it isn’t going to be fun, let’s be real, if it is below 32*F, I ain’t that into running lately and it hasn’t hit those temps for a while,
  • dreaming of those 80º days with 80% humidity with fondness, at least until it happens again this summer then we will be longing for those blustery Winter days,
  • Your Winter running shoes are wearing out, but you don’t yet dare to get a pair of new running shoes because you “know” more snow and bad weather are still going to be coming for at least another 4-6 weeks. Besides those cool white kicks that look so fast, they will look gray and nasty too soon in the Wintry weather mixes that are still to come.

The bottom line is we are just damn sick and tired of Winter running and want Winter to end – NOW! 

I know that I am.

I don’t care what the damn Groundhog says :-).

The reality is that

My Grammie Bertha wasn’t a scientist, but she was a wise woman from a different era (born in 1888, yes, the 1800s). I remember when we were kids (back in the Dark Ages) and were moping around the house during the Winter, she would always tell us to “get your asses outside – being in the house all the damn time isn’t good for you in even if it is winter”. She was a rather blunt and feisty lady, but it seems her advice about many things was spot on.

I also know with March coming through the door like a lion, better weather will be coming soon. However, it has been a long, cold Winter, as it is most years, but this one has seemed even longer, with the pandemic taking precedence over most things.

It is the time of year that we want to get a head start on our training programs, get the new shoes, expose the bare legs to the better weather, and sign-up for those races that we missed so much over the past year. The Wintry weather is delaying some of that, and I know that I am having difficulty dealing with it.

Especially my motivation to run when it is nasty and cold outside is becoming non-existent. I don’t want to deal with it anymore this year, well, until next November or December anyway.

However, we have a few more weeks to suck-it-up-buttercup, and we need to be gentle with ourselves. There will be plenty of great weather ahead, and if we miss a day or two, maybe even three, to the cold and windy weather outside, it is not the end of the world.

Those DNR days are not going to mean a whole lot in April, May, or June. Who knows, maybe our bodies will even thank us for taking a little more rest time now to get ready for the more demanding training that will come.

Now I have to figure out where I put my shorts and t-shirts from last Fall – “Hey Hon, do you remember where I…”

Maybe spring will be early this year – I can hope can’t I.

I know that I am ready for it! 🙂

We have to get by the next few weeks or so.

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