A Busy Three Days

It has been a busy past three days!


I ran on Tuesday and dealt with the neighbors three dogs coming out at me. No, I didn’t get bit, but one got close enough by rushing at me to untie my shoelace by stepping on my foot, while attempting to bite me. I protected myself, and the dog backed off. The gray one came within a couple of feet snarling with his teeth bared, and he wasn’t backing down but didn’t attack. The third one I sort of lost track of, but it was off to my left. Yes, I was hollering and swearing a lot by then. Most of my ire was directed towards the neighbor’s house.

Finally, the lady yells at the dogs, and the golden that had initially rushed me, backed off and so did the other golden on my left. However, the gray dog in the middle refused to back down. He continued to snarl and snap at me. I reached for my pepper spray and told the lady that I would spray it if the dog didn’t back off. I was fumbling around to get it out of the belt while hollering at the dog. It finally listened to her and reluctantly went back to the house.

I ran down the road to the next driveway, stopped, knelt to tie my shoe. Then I stood up and double-checked to make sure that I hadn’t been bitten in all the excitement. 


So I breathed a few breaths to let a bit of the adrenaline surge go away and started off running again – back by the neighbor’s house. A different neighbor from across the road, stopped me and said he had witnessed the whole thing. We talked about how this wasn’t the first time they have come out at me and how the other neighbor needs to do a better job of keeping their dogs in their yard. Especially since I was on the opposite side of the road when they came out at me.

The rest of the run was stewing and thinking about the dogs, so I didn’t get too much relaxation on this run.

That night I ordered a new MacBook Air M1 and got all excited about getting one. I have been looking for a good deal on one, and finally, Apple had one precisely in the price range I wanted.


Wednesday was just a slow run down to the Fire Station, a jaunt through Pepin, and a lap around Howard for 5.0 miles. I wasn’t in a hurry or anything and wanted to get the miles in. Yes, I did my cool-down lap down to the end of the tar. I can’t let the dogs be in charge of where I run. No problems with the dogs, they were not out, and the neighbor wasn’t home. 

It was a beautiful day for a run, and I got to wear tights and just my running vest, although I did wear a light hat for my ears and gloves. 

After looking closely at the Meraki v1’s have worn a hole through the outsole into the midsole. It was in my usual wear point on the toes of both shoes. Unfortunately, I could feel the worn spot, and it was changing my stride slightly, which is not a good thing. So they have gone away.

This is too bad because I like the Meraki v1’s a lot, but at the same time, when they have worn like that, there is no sense in keeping them around.


Thursday was a day of rest. I have been running or doing snow removal for most of the month (since I figured out that I didn’t have a stress fracture) and haven’t had an actual rest day in quite a while. The legs were feeling really beat up, mentally I was tired and needed the rest day more than I needed the miles.

Plus, two factors helped me make the decision.

  1. It was windy as hell, and I am not a fan of running in heavy winds.
  2. I needed to be around the house to get this new MacBook Air M1.

So I lazed around the house playing Never Winter Nights, clicking on the map to see where the UPS driver was hiding out with my laptop. He has a strange-arse route, to say the least, or else it was a new/substitute driver because there was an awful lot of backtracking and stuff involved with getting to my house. The laptop left the facility around 9:00 AM and showed up at 8:30 PM, which was probably for the best since it made me behave myself and stick close to home. 

It left me with about two hours to play with my new toy and get it sort of setup. That will be my big project over the next week, setting the MacBook Air up the way I want it. 

Now, I have to stop touching the screen since it doesn’t do anything on the MacBook Air. That muscle memory thing of using an iPad Pro and touch screen computers for the past three years.

A pretty busy last three days, but now to get back to regular posting again.

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