Not Monetizing This Blog

I want to make sure that everyone understands the following:

My blog is my personal space, where I write how I want and do what makes my site, my site. So if you follow this blog hoping that I will automatically follow you back and increase your stats, I don’t. As a result of so many SPAM followers, I regularly go through my follower list and delete those who do not engage in any conversation or attempt to SPAM me.

This post is primarily directed at the probloggers, especially those ones who have nothing in common with my interests but are so willing to teach me the secrets of blogging – all for this low price of, you add in a figure. I have zero interest in improving my SEO, generating clicks, changing web hosts, getting a multitude of new followers, monetizing this blog, or any of those other ideas you have to change my blog for the better.

At least in your opinion.

If you are interested in running, a bit of daily life, some tech stories, reading about an old guy’s misadventures or meandering thoughts, this is a fantastic blog to follow. Otherwise, if these things don’t interest you, you will not be interested in what I write on my blog.

So don’t waste your time or mine attempting to get me to “improve” my blog.

I am happy with things the way they are here.

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