Boring is Good – RunLog 2/19/21

We got lucky, and the Weatherman’s storm prediction for today stayed to the South of us. I am not complaining a bit. I like running on reasonably clear roads, especially when the temps are in the mid-’20s and not hovering around zero, which is a good thing.

Today was all about getting out the door, running up to Goodhue Road, and getting back to the lower gate down-back for a 10K run. Nothing fast, just even effort levels and staying upright while running in the unsanded section down-back.

I don’t have a lot to say about today’s run, since nothing exciting happened.

It was one of those boring runs where everything was as it was supposed to be. I dressed just right, no dogs decided that I was the enemy, my feet didn’t bother, nothing else hurt or was too distracting, the tar sections of the road were all runnable, and I didn’t have to stop to find a tree while running.

I have learned that I rather like boring runs like this and hope that I can have quite a few more like it over the next decade or so.

Yeah, boring can be pretty damn good. Especially when exciting is not a good thing all too often.

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