It’s Better to Wait Until Later – RunLog 2/17/21

We were lucky and unlike so many places, didn’t lose power. Especially, those places that are not equipped, setup for, or used to having to deal with this nasty weather. I hope they get the power situation back online sooner and that life will get back to their normal. This weather certainly isn’t normal for those down South.


Yes, it was a snowblower workout day yesterday, so I had a DNR written into the running log. I don’t like to run on days I use the snowblower. My body feels beat up enough after walking behind the beast for a couple of hours that adding insult to injury is what would likely occur if I ran also.

How the road looked on 2/16/21

Besides, in the morning, it was too miserable to run. The roads were a mess, and I preferred to remain upright-thank you. I do have screw shoes and ice grips, but I didn’t really need to be up on the road for any reason in those conditions. Proving how tough I am, isn’t something I worry about. A day-off from running is probably a good thing at this point in the Winter.

The storm left two or so inches of miserable sleet/ice mixture that the snowblower didn’t do such a great job throwing around, but I was able to get rid of enough that when it froze overnight, the driveways were not too bad.


How the road looked this morning

This morning the roads were a frozen-over mess that I wasn’t going even to try to run on.

When I took Bennie on his long walk up back, I was walking on the crust and not going through most of the time. The snowmobile tracks photo gives you an idea of how frozen the crust was.

Since the roads were in worse condition than the snowmobile I seriously thought about going for my run on them. Unfortunately I as I learned on my walk with Bennie, the “breeze this morning was around 10-15 mph bringing those feels-like temps down into the very low single digits.

So my plan of running the snowmobile trail to Bartlett was not going to happen. It just wasn’t safe or smart to do it. It is one thing to walk on them in my cold-weather gear and another thing in my Winter running togs. The snowmobile trail is not a well-travelled trail that isn’t all that close to any houses. If I go run it by myself in single-digit temps and I slip and sprain/break something, it could be a bad, bad situation all too quickly. I want to keep living a while longer. Freezing to death on a snowmobile trail ain’t my idea of a good day.

So I settled in and played the old Never Winter Nights original edition and waited for the road to clear up a lot more. By 2:00 in the afternoon, the road was plowed again, sanded, and melted enough that running on it was reasonable.

This was taken on my first lap, by the time I finished the ice was forming on this puddle and the slush was re-freezing

By this time, I wasn’t all that thrilled about getting out the door, but I have decided this morning to start working seriously on Operation 150, and that means non of this lazy ass stuff is going to cut it.

Failure is not an option.

So I will get it done.

I had planned on four miles, and while sun was shining brightly, the road was already starting to re-freeze in places, which made finding the lines a lot more complicated than the first mile was. It is incredible how quickly the road gets re-frozen, but when the temps are in the high teens and a 10-15 mph breeze, water freezes pretty quickly.

Surprisingly I managed to get under a 9:00 pace by a second for the full 4.0 miles. The mile splits were pretty consistent, and I was happy with the run even when running against that breeze.

361* Meraki v1’s did just fine.

I ran in my 361* Meraki and found out that they will be part of the solution. Although, I do think that running in them needs to be part of a rotation, not as the only shoe. I could feel a little pressure on my fourth toes on both feet after the run, but not anything I would worry about and they are not bothering at all this evening as I write this post.

Looking back, I think what happened last time was that I had worn them for almost all of my runs over the previous month. Then that day, with the slipping at toe-off, my feet swelled up too much and hurt the toes and Tailor’s Bunionette. Lesson learned, and it is good to know that I can run well in the Meraki because I love how I run in them. Next time I might get a size 8.0 instead of an 8.5, though.

Overall, a better run than I thought it was going to be. This time of year, getting out the door is the hardest part of dealing with the Winter doldrums. They are real and are a bear to deal with.

The face mask was nice running into the wind

Yes, there was ice on the roads this morning, but I am getting lax about too many things. Now time to become more disciplined in a few areas and get back to where I need to be.

Under 150 and over 30.

If you are a runner and reading this, you have probably figured the two out by now. 😃

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