Tough But Good Run – RunLog 2/10/21

Today I had the pleasure of running in new shoes, the Nike React Miler, and they did better than I thought they would for the conditions. I will be doing a separate initial thoughts blog post on them later on, but even though I run in quite a few shoes most years, new shoe days are still fun.

It is the factor of not knowing how I will react to the new shoes and if they will work for me. More on them later.

The sun was out a light breeze and temps at 12*F to start. After yesterday’s light snow, the roads were snow-covered. Which hid the ice and stuff underneath, so I decided to run down-back and then run on Tiffany for four to five miles total.

Starting was a bit slick, but as long as I stayed to road shoulder, it was runnable, but I needed to keep it slow. Once I got on the dirt road, the traction was a bit better. It was about as good as it gets for running in winter down-back. Just enough snow on the white ice to give some traction, but not enough traction to pick up the pace. 

In other words, at toe-off, there was always a little slip, and if I didn’t pay attention when landing, things got squirrelly pretty quickly.

Once I got over on Tiffany, the roads were slightly better than Philbrick. Not enough that I was running on tar, but I did have a few clear patches in the middle of the road that I could run on, but for the most part, I needed to stay on the road shoulder to not slip and slide too much.

Since the sun was out, the roads were melting a little, and on the way back down Tiffany, I was able to find a few more patches of bare but wet tar in the middle of the road. Luckily, the entire time I was on Tiffany, I only met one vehicle, so running down the middle of the road wasn’t a problem. I had my head on a swivel, listened pretty closely to what was going on in back and front of me. 

Due to the conditions, I didn’t bother listening to music to help me along today.

Although by the time I got to the fourth mile, the legs were feeling pretty tired. The constant slipping and focus needed to stay upright made the run a lot harder than it usually would be for this course.

By the time I got back off Tiffany, I was physically and mentally toast and walked a short way up the hill. Then I got going again and stopped to take photos once I got past Blake Road. 

When I got around to looking at Strava this afternoon, I was rather shocked at how consistent my mile splits were for the first four miles. Each one was between 9:17-9:19, which was great for the conditions.

The Nike React Milers did better than I thought they would for the conditions. I purposely didn’t wear my ice grippers to see how they would do in the snow, and the grippers would have made a big difference with any running shoes I would have used them with either trail or road. The Milers had a decent grip for road shoes and kept me upright and the feet warm.


  • Day: Wednesday, February 10th
  • Time: 10:21 AM
  • Course: Davis Drive – Finish at Lower Gate
  • Distance: 5.07
  • Duration: 48:06
  • Pace: 9:29
  • Running Streak Day #: 2

Overall, a decent run in harsh conditions. Now to see how the React Milers do on a dry road at some point this week. The best part, no hotspots or blisters, the toes were happy, and the shoes felt comfortable even with the temps in the teens most of the run.

I want to know where the Strava app gets its weather from in Augusta because most days, I am around 7*F colder out here than the readings it has. It must be the higher altitude we live at compared to the river basin that Augusta is in. Hehehehe yeah, right.


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