Starting Again-Yet Again – RunLog 2/5/21

Now that I am pretty sure that my right foot isn’t broken, green sticked, or a stress reaction, it is time to get back to running, as I talked about in my earlier post. Both feet have healed a lot, and 90% of the discomfort is gone from what I managed to do them this time.

All good things.

Planned Workout: 3.0 or so miles while doing laps on Philbrick at a comfortable pace. The first run after time off because of something not being right is always one where I have to answer the question is it okay to run again? I planned on going by how I felt, and this time I knew that I would be conservative.

Variables: It was still below freezing at 28*F with a pretty good breeze out of the South. We are supposed to get a small storm this afternoon, and it was coming in as I was finishing up.

Day: Friday – February 5,

Course: Philbrick Laps

Distance: 3.12

Duration: 26:53

Pace: 8:37

Running Streak Day #: 1


Mile 1 – Was all about getting back into running after a week off. I have to admit I was pretty focused on how my right foot felt pretty much the entire mile. It was a relief that the foot felt fine, and I relaxed a little at that point. However, I was maintaining a good cadence by listening to the music.

Mile 2 – I thought I was speeding up a little, but looking at Strava, I slowed down a bit. I will blame it on the wind picking up, but otherwise, I felt fine.

Mile 3 – Was the same pace as mile 2.0, so I stayed very consistent with the time, although the effort level was a little more with the wind picking up and a little sleet action happening. I slowed down quite a bit when I hit the wind after the corner and then picked it up again when I turned at the top of the hill. 

Overall, an excellent first run back and one where I surprised myself with the time. Sometimes resting can be a good thing and freshen up the legs a lot. The right foot didn’t bother anymore than it usually does so that that was a good thing. Now to get back to running regularly again.

Shoes: On Cloudflyer OG — Mileage (42.22) – I am not a fan. Yes, I can run well in them, and if I had to could use them as my daily trainers, but I have other options that work better for me. They would be okay as a change of pace shoe or if I was looking to run a little faster than recovery pace. However, the amount of firmness is not what I am looking for in my running shoes. I consider the 361 shoes I have been running in as the Goldilocks of what I am looking for in a running shoe. Not too firm, but not too marshmallowy either.

The Cloudflyer’s fit well and are acceptable for up to 10K distances, but I start to feel beat up after running in them beyond 3.0 miles. Definitely not my long-run shoes. 

Today I answered the question can I run again with a resounding “yes”!

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