Oh Crap-Not Again – RunLog 1/30/21

I didn’t get to run today and probably will not for the next 2-6 weeks.

It seems that last Thursday, when I was doing those spin-outs in the wet snow/sand/salt slurry that something happened to my right foot. It felt a little “off” after I finished the run, but I didn’t think anything of it since it is the foot with my Tailor’s Bunionette and never feels quite right most of the time.

I even said to Mary that it didn’t feel right later that day but didn’t think anything more about it until yesterday morning. It was a little sore, but nothing all that different than usual, but not enough to worry. Besides, the foot looked reasonably normal, so I wasn’t concerned.

Friday was a cold/windy day with below zero windchills, so I had zero plans to run and did a 2.0-mile walk and then 30:00 minutes on the elliptical. A pretty typical lousy weather day. The foot bothered a little more than usual, but not enough to stop what I was doing.

When I got ready to shower, I noticed that the outside of my right foot looked odd. It was darker than the rest. When I looked closer, it looked bruised.

My foot is never great to look at, but it is worse than usual now.

I didn’t whack that foot at any point over the past couple of days, so I did some poking and prodding. There was a bit more discomfort, not really pain, on the bone besides the Tailor’s Bunionette.

I was pretty sure what was going on and how it happened fairly quickly. I have read enough injury posts, rehab routines and stuff that I sort of have a clue about different injuries that runners get. So while eating supper, I fired up Dr. Duck Duck Go and self-diagnosed what was going on. I am reasonably sure that there is likely a stress reaction or fracture in there.

Am I a little frustrated?


Is there anything I can do about it?


Am I going to the doctor?

Not unless it gets really painful.

There is not a lot that they will do for me. Other than telling me to not do anything that is going to bother it or put me in a walking boot for a couple of weeks. Which I ain’t doing unless I have to, especially during the coldest part of winter. Plus I am still in self-imposed exile errr lockdown due to COVID-19 and am staying far, far away from doctor’s offices and hospitals. Too damn many sick people go to those places, for me to bother them or expose myself unnecessarily.

So the best thing I can do right now is to let the foot heal, not attempt to do too much, and be patient. None of which I am all that good at, but I will get back to running sooner if I let the stress whatever heal. Then I will if I do my usual and attempt to keep running on it.

So it is time to get out my super stiff, inflexible shoes and use them to walk, get friendly with the ice brigade and be patient. I might even have to work on some upper body stuff while attempting to let this foot of mine heal.

Back in 2013, an Orthopedic Surgeon told me that this would probably happen at some point when he diagnosed me with the Tailor’s Bunionette in my right foot. He offered to perform corrective surgery to pre-empt this from happening, but I declined. Looking back, maybe I would have had a few fewer problems with my right foot if I had gone ahead and said yes—that 20/20 hindsight stuff.

Oh well, it isn’t like I can’t walk on it, and as long as I am not too stoopid, this should resolve itself fairly quickly. However, it is frustrating because I was starting to run consistently again and have found running shoes that are working quite nicely for me.

I’ll be back to running in 2-6 weeks, depending upon how well I heal this time.

It always seems like something always happens to get in the way of me running consistently. This time it was as simple as wearing the wrong shoes for the conditions outside. I have no one to blame but myself.

Well, enough of the pity party. It is time to get into rehab mode and getting the head screwed on right to move forward again.

I will get to run soon.


  1. Oh crap! Sorry to hear it – but as you say, not much you can do. I have heard so many conflicting things about foot surgery … so while you might have been better off, it isn’t guaranteed! Take it easy and heal!


    • Thank Mike – It is just one of those things that happened. I should have worn my trail shoes instead of a fairly worn-out road shoe, so I have no one to blame but myself this time. I can still walk a ways and won’t be completely inactive, just no running for a while. That is what I thought at the time too, when they start cutting on stuff, it can be unpredictable. At least I know what the discomfort level is supposed to be and can adjust my running to meet those levels. Hehehehee


  2. Like you said, surgery can be unpredictable, so not sure if it is the best answer to your bunionette issue. At the moment, prevention is probably the better option, if all it takes to avoid the bunionette from flaring up is to wear appropriate shoes. This is not a good time to visit hospitals if you can help it. Have a good rest.

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    • I wish it was that simple, wearing the stiffer shoes is to take care of the stress whatever, I have probably have. Once that heals, the tailor’s bunionette is something that right shoes doesn’t help a whole lot with. It just is and becomes more uncomfortable as I ramp up mileage or pace. When I start to compensate for the discomfort is when I run into other injury issues. So I just suck it up run with the best form I can with the circumstances and do the best I can. Yeah, I am not too thrilled about the idea of going near any medical facility right now. I have been running pretty consistently since October, so it was probably time for 1-2 weeks off any ways or at least that is what I keep telling myself heheheehe. Gotta stay positive.


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