Snow Makes for Beautiful Scenery-RunLog 1/28/21

I got to run today.

It has been one of those weird days, where it snowed almost all day, but no real accumulation. Well, just enough to coat the road in places and be wet in others.

The temp was right around thirty degrees, with just a bit of breeze out of the north. In other words, decent conditions for the end of January. Since the roads were mostly clear, I decided to wear my Meraki’s, which turned out not to be the best choice-more on that in a minute.

Otherwise, I purposely underdressed since I would only do laps on Philbrick for around fifty minutes and never be more than a half-mile from the house. So I wasn’t concerned about getting into trouble then having to deal with hypothermia. That was the right choice.

Starting was slow, as usual. I haven’t been doing my warm-up exercises and use the first mile for that. I know not how it is supposed to be, but it seems to be working okay for me right now.

Plus, Bennie doesn’t bark as long at me to take him running. When I begin to stretch, he gets all excited and thinks that he will get to run too. Due to age and ailments, Bennie doesn’t run with me anymore. Although he still feels that he needs to go. Well, at least until we get that first half-mile in and he loses interest after that.

I did have to admit that with the snow coming down slowly and coating the trees, it was incredible scenery and changed the dynamics of the run from the-I see this same view most days, which was excellent—a Hallmark card photo in places.

The second mile was a little faster, but I purposely maintained an easy effort level. It began to snow a little harder during the third and fourth miles and was sticking to the road in a few more places. So I had to pay attention and slow down when I hit the snow-covered areas.

My Meraki’s did fine on the wet tar, even with many salt/sand mixes on top in places. However, when I got into the patches where the snow was sticking, it was a slushy mix of wet snow, sand, and salt.

It was those conditions that I was worried about whether the wear on the front of the shoe would cause issues with slipping on toe-off.

It did.

No, I didn’t face-plant but had to slow down significantly in those areas where the snow was sticking. Each step became a spin-out, and those are not fun. So traction was a factor in some places, and I would have been better off wearing my Santiago trail shoes.

Lesson Learned-wear the correct shoes for the conditions. The wear on the front of the Meraki’s outsole has made it, so they now resemble racing slicks, which in snow ain’t worth a pounded pud.

I finished the run in almost 47:00 minutes and felt like I could have gone further, which is a good sign. Now to get to working on upping the mileage/time just a little each week while throwing in a few strides and some hill repeats every so often to help me get stronger.

If this pandemic ever gets done, I would love to start thinking about a fast for me, 5K and 10K in June/July, and see how the body is holding up to training before committing to a Fall marathon chase.

I am becoming more hopeful that things will get closer to normal than they are now. However, it will be a new normal because we will never go entirely back to how it used to be.

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