Too Cold, More Elliptical – RunLog 1/24/21

Okay, it may have had something to do with the 15-20 mph breeze and temps hovering around 10*F that I chose to hop on the elliptical for 45:00 minutes this morning.

I attempted to take Bennie for his second walk, and we got to the end of the driveway, where he elected to quickly turn-around and meander around the yard for a while. He is smarter than I am most of the time. As soon as he went inside, I figured that I was all geared up that I might as well go for a mile walk. I even had on my insulated boots so that the tootsies would stay warm for a change.

When I got back down to the driveway’s end, the winds were still whipping pretty good, and I decided it would be better to head into the wind at the start. So I headed for the lower gate down-back.

Man, that wind was suck-arse cold!

Even when I got to the upper gate, the winds were still hammering away at me, and I thought seriously about turning around at that point. Even geared up for the cold, I was still feeling chilled, and that only happens when the feels like temp are well below zero Fahrenheit.

It was a relief when I got to the lower gate and turned around. At least the wind was at my back. I hurried right along to get back to the house and get warmed up again. It took a couple of minutes, but it was time to get in a workout once I did.

There was no way I was heading back outside to run. That walk cured my need for fresh air quite nicely, which meant either doing a bodyweight workout or spending time on the elliptical.

No choices there for me.

On to the elliptical, I figured that 45:00 minutes would be just about the right amount of time on the beast today. I think that watching the video while bopping along on the elliptical helped a lot. The footage had incredible scenery, made me think of warmer times/climes, and made the time go by a lot quicker.

There isn’t a lot to say about being on the elliptical. You get on, get started, do the amount of time, and get back off. I put my brain in neutral, then zone out.

Yes, I sweat up a storm, and I was wearing an old shirt that Mary let me know stunk to high heaven. She told me about how I had a particular rotten speghetteos smell when I got done. I have a feeling that my old favorite running shirt might not be around too much longer. I have noticed a specific aroma emanating from it at times also.

Disregard the date, we unplug the elliptical after each use, otherwise it make weird noises and creeps us out at night.

The good news is that being able to smell the shirt means we both probably do not have COVID-19, but the bad part is that smell could gag a maggot. I will give the shirt one more washing with some baking soda and then wear it again. If it still has that rotten Harold smell, it will go to the trash as it is beyond redemption.

This morning was not great for running outside or being outside for any length of time. The wind chills were a little too nasty for me, at least. Otherwise, it was a gorgeous day to look out the window at the bright sunshine and beautiful blue sky. Yeah, as long as I was doing it from inside.

Another workout finished, and although it wasn’t a run, it was still a good workout.

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