Elliptical – RunLog 1/21/21

No run today.

Nothing is wrong.

When I walked Bennie, he showed me just how smart he is. Even with a sweater on, he went down to the neighbor’s and turned around to get back in the house as quickly as possible. The temp was 13*F, and I didn’t want to go out and play in it. Last year I set my standard for running outside at 20F, and while I have run a few times in temps lower than that recently because I have to if I want to get a run in, I don’t enjoy it.

Am I wimpy?


Oh, I have the right clothes to run in these temps, the roads were clear, plus there wasn’t a lot of wind. It is coming down to the fact that I don’t like running in that kind of cold the older I get.

I am making a choice not to any more or at least not as often.

It is that simple.

This choice is because I don’t have access to a treadmill (COVID-19 equals no gym). But at the same time, this time of year in Maine, it makes sense for me. I would rather look forward to getting out there, than running in conditions that I don’t want to run in.

Twenty minutes running versus the elliptical are different. On the treadmill I can run between 2.0 to 2.5 miles in that time, while on the elliptical I can do around 5.0 miles. Quite a difference. So tracking my training by miles is not equitable to the elliptical. Which means that I will need to track my training more by time than miles during the rest of this winter – at least.

Now I have to get it through my thick head that my mileage totals will be less than I am used to. After so many years, that is a difficult transition, and I am positive I will struggle with it every so often.

I will get through it.

Today, with the temps in the low teens or lower. As I said before, I don’t enjoy running in those conditions anymore, so I got on the elliptical and did my workout. I don’t mind the treadmill or elliptical; they are tools to be used. I either watch Treadmill TV or listen to music. Today it was the music.

It was all about getting on the machine, going into the music, and doing the minutes I have planned for that day. I felt strong, tried out some new shoes for fit and had zero issues with the shoes, which was great. They are my next trainers when the Meraki’s reach their end of life. Although it seems the size 8.5 or 26.5 cm in different models might be slightly different in the same brand. Nothing serious, but noticeable.

Sure I would rather be outside running, but since I have made a conscious choice not to run in those conditions, this is what I need to do to get ready for my next training phase this coming spring. Now is time to get a good consistent base and be ready for some good training.

Training by time, it is supposed to be the new cat’s meow when it comes to training, but I am an old dawg and learning new tricks takes a little longer.

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