Exhale and Breathe – RunLog 1/20/21



Look forward.

I think most readers understand and may even share my feelings today. With the inauguration, it does not mean that all of our problems suddenly disappear or are solved.

They aren’t.

It does means that we will be looking at many problems we face from a different perspective.

I will not lose track of what is occurring in our Country. But at the same time, I am scaling back considerably my social media accounts, news feeds, and network news that I follow.

As I get my brain back…from peering into the Abyss. I want to get back to writing about running and whatever to hell else I want to write about. I do not want politics and politicians to dominate my life the way they have for the past year any longer. Yes, politics are part of being an informed citizen, but so are many other things in our lives that are even more important.


Loving my family, becoming a better person, learning new things, staying active, enjoying the life that I do have, and all the things I want to accomplish with the time I have left on this little blue marble.

Today I got to run.

It wasn’t a fast run, it wasn’t a long run, but it was the run I needed on such a historical day.

My planned run today was an easy 3.0 miler, but I had to take yesterday off unexpectedly, so I decided to do 6.0 at a comfortable pace. Weather-wise it was another decent day for January-lower 20s to start, with bright sunshine, clear roads, and not much of a breeze.

The first mile, I ran easily to warm-up. There was no pushing the pace, just a lot of thinking about my feelings on the Presidential transition and my hopes for the future.

Going down Shepard Road, it was rather strange. No vehicles were moving about, and it was like everyone was waiting for something to happen. More cars were home than is usual for a Wednesday after 10:00 in the morning.

Running with the road that quiet was sort of surreal.

When I got back to Pepin, I turned in, and again there was only one other person outside. Otherwise, it too was strangely quiet, but there were vehicles in many of the yards that usually are empty at that time of day. I wasn’t pushing the pace yet somehow kept under a 9:00 minute pace for the first 3.0 miles. I certainly wasn’t focusing too hard on running.

Coming out of Pepin and then up Philbrick Hill, I did lose focus for a little while, slowed down more than usual. It was because I was thinking more about the transition of power and what it would mean to me in the short term and long term. I figured out that there ain’t a lot I can do about anything. Either way, what happens in Washington or other places is entirely beyond my control, and that I need to focus on the stuff that I can control.

Once I got to the top of Philbrick Hill, I ran a bit more relaxed. I noticed a little of the tenseness that has been a constant companion in my shoulders and neck were not as bothersome. It was a release of some of the anxiety I have been feeling over the past two weeks letting go.

About that time, I could hear a helicopter off in the distance. When it came into view, it looked like an Army National Guard helo, and it appeared to be going up the Interstate towards Waterville. I hoped that nothing was going on in Augusta. With all the increased threat levels and the attack on the Capitol, it worried me a little.

I almost stopped at the 5.0-mile point. My mind was exhausted, and I wanted to make sure that I got back to see the ceremony.

I didn’t stop.

Today is a new beginning, the start of a new chapter, and I had told myself last night that today was the start of my new chapter as well. Stopping to ensure that I watched something on TV was not part of that new chapter, even if it was the inauguration.

I kept running.

Yes, I might even have picked up the pace a little going down Stevens Hill, but once I got past the lower gate, discretion became the better part of valor, and I slowed down a bit. The ice under the dust layer was noticeable and not worth kissing or going arse over tea kettle.

The run today was all about starting a new chapter and moving forward. I know that I will look back to today and think more about what it meant to me at some other time.

While walking back to the house, I watched the ANG helo going back down towards Augusta. It did cause me to worry a little, but nothing happened in Augusta or anyplace else from what I have heard so far. Which gives me hope for the future.

I did watch the inauguration and much of what I saw also gives me hope. Now to see if the actions speak as loudly as the words or if it becomes politics as usual. I do wish President Biden and his Administration well and hope that they can reunite us as a Country. We will see.

Yes, I got to run today.

I also got to think and relax a little as well.

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