RunLog 1/14/21

I got to run again today.

Yes, I have been running, but I just haven’t had the desire to write about my mundane efforts to keep things going as normally as possible with everything going on around us. However, it is the only thing I can do, so with that in mind, I will get back to writing about my running and other things again on a more regular basis. If things go to shit again, I will stop writing about me again until they calm down.

It’s the best I can do for now.

I didn’t run yesterday. It was a mental health day devoted to keeping tabs on the impeachment hearings.

Today I was reasonably fresh, and the weather was about as good for running January as I will get. Temps in the 30s, overcast, calm winds, and clear pavement to run on. So, of course, I decided to run the Middle Road Loop.

I decided to wear my Santiago trail shoes even though the run was mostly on roads. I was still concerned about running on the road shoulders when vehicles went by, and I knew that Blake Road was sketchy at best to run on.

The first mile was slow to start, and then going down the hill, I did pick up the pace a little. My second mile was more of the same, not super fast, but maintaining a decent pace.

Getting into the third mile, I started to slow down pretty significantly. I think it was more a loss of focus than anything: nothing serious, but something I need to work on.

Once I got on Blake, and into the snow/ice section, I must admit I wimped out and purposely slowed down. My days of daring-do are long over. I stayed to the side of the road; the road’s two-track clear area wasn’t runnable since it was all white ice.

By the time I got to Blake Hill, I was dragging arse, was slipping and sliding a little too much, and decided to walk up the hill. It was just a safer way up. I am more focused on long-term running, so if walking is needed to avoid injuries, that is what I will do.

I was glad that I wore the Santiago’s, the extra grip they provide was excellent when I had to get off the tar onto the road shoulders to avoid vehicles. They did as well as other trail shoes without spikes would have done, so I was happy with how well they did in those conditions.

Overall, it was a decent run, but I made staying injury-free more critical than finishing with a particular overall pace.

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