So It Begins – RunLog 1/1/21

The first run of the New Year is something that I look forward to each year. It is an opportunity to start over, reset my goals, and put what happened last year in the past. This year was no different.

I didn’t make up my mind what I would be doing until I got down to the lower gate and got to thinking about my options. I decided to do the Goodhue 10K.

The other part of running today was that I ran with a little bounce in my stride, and once I noticed that I was doing it, I purposely focused on continuing to do it. This little bounce is something I have not felt consistently in quite a while. I have had a few sporadic portions of a run where it was there, but not like today.

No, it doesn’t mean that I was running all that fast. It did mean that I was running more like someone I used to know. 🙂

When I got down to Bartlett, a couple was walking with their dog ahead of me. They went into a house and left the dog outside. Yes, it was a pit bull, and I have had issues with it before. They probably didn’t see me behind them, but the dog was excellent today. She stayed still as I ran by, while she watched me, didn’t bark or make any moves toward me. Phew!!!

After thankfully avoiding that encounter, I had one more dog encounter. A black lab, who is more interested in saying, “Hi!” He typically barks at me and comes rushing up towards the road. Then stops at his tree line. Today the owner was on the doorstep watching to make sure that he did.

I made it to Goodhue at exactly 30:00 minutes, which was 15 seconds slower than my prediction I made to myself with about 100 yards to go. I had not looked at my watch at any of the splits, so coming that close was pretty good. I finished the run sub 9:00 minute pace and felt good during the run.

Coming back was pretty quiet, but I did notice that my left lower leg felt a bit tight after 4.0 miles and is still a little uncomfortable. It is something that I have experienced in the past. I attribute it to that extra bounce in my stride, that hasn’t been there for a long time and using parts of the leg differently.

Yes, the bottom of my feet bothered a little during the last mile, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it has been in other shoes.

Overall, a good run and a great way to start the New Year.

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