2021 Goals

While I expect 2021 to start as quite a shitshow in the United States. I believe that it will get better as the year goes on and that setting goals for 2021 will be productive in the long run (yes, I did that).

Bennie and my first photo of 2021

Here are 10 goals that I have for 2021:

  1. Get the COVID-19 vaccine (one of them).
  2. Run 1,200 miles.
  3. Complete a 1.0-mile time trial each month.
  4. Run a sub-22:00 minute 5K.
  5. Train for a Fall marathon.
  6. Get under 155 pounds and stay there.
  7. Have Harold being Harold as my only personal blog all year.
  8. Write more.
  9. Read 50 books.
  10. Travel to visit family and friends.

Reasonable goals that after a very tough 2020 and what will in all likelihood be a difficult start to 2021 are achievable. Though N0. 5 is my stretch goal for the year. They will motivate me to be healthier, run with a purpose, read to become more knowledgeable, and write about subjects that interest me. All the goals are measurable and time limited, but the writing more goal needs to be more holistic because I am not sure what it means yet.

I believe that the best will come out of most of us in 2021, and we will begin living in whatever the new normal will look be. We don’t have much choice do we?

Here is to a great 2021.

What are your goals this year?


  1. I am still putting together goals, was happy with my reading and gaming in 2020, but not running and eating consistency (ran >2000 miles yet gained a bunch of weight). So that is largely what I am hoping for – but I know a lot of that comes from stress of the pandemic and having to go to work as an ‘essential worker’ … nice to know our stuff is critical to vaccines, but still a crazy year!

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    • Yeah, 2020 was a mess, but I see things getting better. I put on the dreaded COVID 10 pounds or so, so that is a big one for me too. Sometimes you just have to go with what you can and do the best you can. Have a happy New Year to you and your family. Keep up the great running and the photos are cool too. 🙂

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      • This morning we were talking about how it is truly an accomplishment that we came out of 2020 in good health – both my wife and I had to go to work in person every single day (OK, I had ~2-3 total ‘work from home’ days), each of us had positive COVID cases in our workplaces but neither even had to quarantine due to contact. That is a significant victory, really. 🙂

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      • Wow you have been lucky, but also fairly careful too. We have basically been housebound except for a when we have to go out for supplies. Although today we are heading for curbside pickup of Mexican food in a few minutes, a treat for us. Just want to make it to getting the vaccine, especially since we are in the high risk categories due to age and a couple of risk factors. So far, haven’t gotten anything more than a few sniffles.


  2. Still working on my goals but a couple of the obvious ones include sleeping earlier and focusing better on accomplishing my own tasks.

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