The Last Run of 2020 – RunLog December 30, 2020

Ahhh the last run of 2020 and it seemed to be microcosm of the year itself.

I started off really strong, hit a few rough patches and had a bad stretch and then finished pretty well. When I look back with 2020 hindsight, that is pretty much the way it was.

I decided to do the final run of 2020 down back, since it is still clear and runnable. Which is unusual for this time of year, when it is snow and/or ice covered and too treacherous for me and my graceless body to traipse around on.

Still pretty chilly during the run being in the low 20s, but I was dressed correctly and never felt cold – except for my face and I could have fixed that by pulling up my mask. However, that would have meant taking my glasses off, since they fog up pretty quickly with a mask on while running. On the dirt road down back I preferred to see what is in front of me and dealt with the chilly cheeks (no not those ones) hehehe.

First mile was better than I expected and the second one was just a little better. After hitting mile 2.0, I shut it down and coasted, enjoying the run, music and being outside. The hills just seemed harder than usual today and coming up Blake Hill was slow. When I got over to Stevens Hill, I didn’t have the mental toughness to just keep going and walked a ways to the upper gate.

I must have used up all the mental toughness yesterday.

Once I got going again, I ran pretty well and did pick it up a bit at the end.

The 4.0 miles this morning gave me 100 for the month, which was my final goals for running in 2020.

Actually when I looked back on the run this morning it was the correct way to close out my running for 2020, Not too bad at all, a sub 9:00 minute pace overall and no aches or pains that got in the way. Yeah, I will take it.

Looking back at the lower gate – this photo is very appropriate for the last run of 2020

Tomorrow is a rest day and then it is on to 2021.

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