Writing about running

Over the course of 2020, with all the anxiety around COVID-19 and the election, my focus on writing or blogging hasn’t been all that great.

To say the least.

There was too much going on and not enough brain cells left to process it all. Then add in back in the Spring that I thought that I needed to move on from writing so much about my running and find something more interesting to write about.

Honestly, when I now look back, I was burnt out on about everything and my thinking cap was more focused on surviving the pandemic and making it through the contentiousness of the political races. In other words I was attempting to adapt to the new normal that was thrust upon us all and not succeeding all that well.

I don’t believe that I was alone.

As a result my thoughts on what I should have been writing about were a bit skewed. I didn’t have the energy or motivation to write very often about much of anything, but particularly about my running. Which in 2020 had become an injury fest that seemed to be the never ending storyline and more than a little frustrating.

Who wants to read about some 60+ guy whining about so many injuries, how bad he is running, complaining about only running close to home, what running shoes he is wearing or thoughts about things he sees or does while running. Especially when there are much more important things going on around me — the pandemic lock-down, mounting hospitalizations, hundreds of thousands of deaths and of course a Presidential election, whose viciousness carried over to the local level as well.

Yeah, writing about my running wasn’t all that necessary or important at that time. While the pandemic appears to be getting worse — not better, but there are some glimmers of hope with the approval of multiple vaccines (now we have to it distributed and get jabbed at some point this spring). The Presidential election appears to be winding down towards a final resolution over the next three weeks and the only question is what kind of chaos will occur between now and then.

Things ain’t great, but this is our new normal for a while longer and I have learned to live my life around those problems and focus on what I can control, so that I am not as overwhelmed as I was before.

Now that my head is beginning to get some brain cells back and I am thinking a little clearer — the truth is I love running and writing about running, my running, running shoes or even quip or two about things I see going on in the world of running. If I want to go off on a tangent for a while on some other topic, I can. After all this is my blog and it is a part of Harold being Harold. 

Running is the one thing that has been a constant in my life for the past 50 years. I have run through different careers, marriages, injuries, pandemics, crisis and friendships and it is the niche that I fit into the best.

I am a runner.

No, I do not have the elite or insiders view of the running world, mine is more the everyday runner who does the best that he can, shows how mixed up and muddled up things can get and an occasional ray of wisdom that another runner can use.

So, Harold Being Harold will go back to being a running blog, with a few extra posts about life, aging, technology and some philosophy added in from time-to-time. After all running encompasses those subjects quite nicely too.

Sometimes you just have to stop and look at what you really enjoy and are passionate about, then go with it to see where it leads. I did and here I am back to writing about my experiences and thoughts on running.

It is a good thing.

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