Coming out of the Blahs – RunLog

It seems that COVID-19 and the election took the ummphh out of me since last Spring and I have gone off on several tangents with my blogging. However, now that my head is beginning to get some brain cells back, I am going back to what I know that I am passionate about — my running and running in general.

So here is today’s run report.

Sunrise this morning on Bennie’s first walk

At some point I knew that I was going to run, I need 13 miles to get 100 miles for December and 5 mile go over 1,200 for the year, so I need to get those final mileage goals before Friday. Which means I needed to run today.

After procrastinating as long as I could, I got out the door. It was one of those gray days, with temps in the mid 20s, but not a lot of wind (which I like!). After thinking things over, I figured I might as well run down back, since the dirt road was frozen and clear. I have a feeling that it will not remain that way for much longer.

I did listen to music and my cadence ended up where it should be at over 170 spm. The first mile felt decent and while I was stiff, doing the foam roller before the run seemed to help. The second mile was a little faster and then I decided to go out to David Drive versus turning at Notta Road, that way I got to avoid running up Stevens Hill. It isn’t that I can’t run up the hill, I am choosing to relax a little more on the run and that final hill just doesn’t make a lot of sense to keep pushing against running up it.

Thankfully, the golden retriever wasn’t out, but it did bark at me through the window. So I didn’t have to contend with that. I did bail a bit on the last mile, especially going up the little hill at start of the dirt road after Tiffany.

Music does help me run better and while I don’t tend to use it for all of my runs, I have a feeling that I will be using my ear buds more often than I have in the past. Although I did try a new pair of socks and by the 4th mile, I could feel the bottoms of my feet beginning to bother a bit. It didn’t really become an issue, but I knew that my feet were not as comfortable as they could be. The 361 Meraki are still doing better than any other running shoe this year.

It wasn’t an especially good run, but I did get 5.0 miles done and went over 1,200 miles for the year and am closer to getting 100 miles for December. Not a great number, but looking back it is more than I thought that I would end up with for 2020.

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