BRRRR – Yeah Winter is Here – December 8, 2020

Okay, when the house thermometer tells me it is 22*F and there is around a 10 mph breeze out of the North, that tells me it is frigging cold outside. This would normally be one of those treadmill days in shorts and a t-shirt, but instead I was bundling up and heading outside to have fun with Mother Nature’s choice of weather this morning.

Yeah, I know how to dress for running in this stuff and it really ain’t that bad once you get your arse out the door, but getting out the door is often the issue. I know that I seem to find this or that to delay it in hopes that the weather might break and climb a few degrees or the wind will die down. Neither happened…

If you look down at the bottom of the hill it turns to two-track and the wheel ruts are ice filled, not running on that stuff.

Since down-back is now pretty much closed off to me past the lower gate and I didn’t feel like another Pepin foray, I just did laps on top of the hill. Nothing spectacular, just running and avoiding the icy spots that still remained on the road.

Once I got to running it wasn’t all that bad, I was dressed properly, my shoes felt really good and while coming back against that North wind, the face mask does help with making the cold weather a bit more bearable. Oh yeah, I ran without my glasses, because they fog up so much when I am running with the mask on. I could probably put some tape over the nose piece, but that causes irritation to my tender skin, so I will risk the low vision running on a not too busy road and leave the skin intact for a while longer.

I had planned on five laps, but a pit stop was badly needed after 3 and I just couldn’t bring myself to get back out the door after the sweat cooled off the body. Yeah, I sweat even when its cold out and that is why I chose to only do laps in front of the house. Even with moisture wicking clothing, things can get squirrelly very quickly in cold weather, especially when there is a cold wind, so I tend to stay within a mile radius of the house when it gets under 20*F with the wind chills or bounce around on the elliptical instead.

Not a bad run, but not really the run that I wanted either. They will get better, but it might be a while before the shorts and t-shirts come back out. 😉

We did finally get the skylight in the bathroom replaced and it was a good thing too. It was all spider web cracks and just waiting to break after 30 years of service. I felt sorry for the guys having to do the work, but we scheduled to have it replaced way back in June for a September install and they kept pushing it back until today. We both feel better about the roof now and will see how this new one holds up – it sure is a lot higher quality than that plastic bubble.

They broke it while taking it out, but it didn’t take a whole lot to break it according to the guy who did it.

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