No Focus = No Good Writing

Okay, let’s be real, I can’t focus worth shit on writing, reading or most of the other things that I normally do when it comes to blogging and learning new things. I probably will not be able to, until the dust has settled a lot more regarding the election and the pandemic — another month or so at least.

Yeah, that is about how long I figure it will take to get life back to our new normal, whatever the hell that is going to be. The pandemic is exploding around us, the election results are going to be an issue for a while, and I am simply tired of dealing with it.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t deal with things that need to be dealt with. It just means that I am taking anything that is unnecessary off my plate for a while and giving myself space to relax a little.

So instead of beating myself up mentally attempting to write shitty stuff that is worse than my usual drivel because I am so unfocused and agitated by current events. Instead, I am focusing more on playing computer games, reading for pleasure, figuring out playlists in Apple Music, being outside enjoying the weather and the great outdoors.

Screen time is being reduced to what is necessary and social media, along with the news is much reduced. They are sources of stress than they are worth at this point and time.

So if I don’t publish many posts during November, don’t be surprised. Election fatigue has gotten to me and the increases in COVID-19 in the area I live isn’t helping either.

I think it is now time to go for a walk and then a nice long run to clear my head. Then work out back clearing brush that really doesn’t need to be done, but is a project that forces me to focus on the present moment. Especially, when running my chain saw.

You may say I am escaping reality, me I say that I am tired of being stressed and need to focus on the good things that are still here and controlling what I can control. While being aware of what is going on around us, but not letting it be as front and center 24/7 as it has been for the past month,

Things will work out the way they work out and life will go on, but for now, it is time to let go of a few things and work more on being healthy both physically and mentally.

I hope you are all doing the same and doing well as we see what happens next.


  1. Our days are looking brighter now that there’s a winner in the election. Let’s pray that the new government will take the right steps to manage the pandemic more effectively. Cheer up, my friend, better days are coming. Looking forward to read about your interesting posts soon!

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    • Things are looking brighter, but I have a feeling that the bitterness and other things are going to stay as an exposed wound for a lot longer than necessary. I know that the future will be better – it has too. It isn’t that I am in a bad mood or depressed it is more that I worry about things that I know that I can’t control and that does me or anyone else zero good. However, I also know that I am human and that I will do those kind of things. It just makes the writing difficult because I have to think differently when I write ;-). Yes, I know I am just a bit odd.


  2. It’s human to be worried about things that we cannot control. When I have these worries, it’s mostly because things have not turned out the way that I thought they would and it’s tough to accept because I cannot control the outcome. Life goes on. Everyone has their own way of managing these situations. I find that humor helps me a lot. How about you? Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll manage well. 🙂


    • I write, often not published and I laugh a lot too. Getting thoughts outside my head and seeing them in front of me often helps with the things that are happening. Then I can read/see how I am grasping or grabbing with whatever “it” is. Running and walking are also a big way to manage things, after either I can see things from other perspectives. 🙂 It seems you have a good handle on many things as well.


  3. My method of turning to humor is actually avoiding the issue temporarily, so I don’t have a good handle on things, as you can see 😊. Your idea of writing out your thoughts is a great way to analyze issues, and exercise is a great way to reduce stress. Many outcomes in life actually happen due to our conscious choices, which are within our control. This is true for me.

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