Getting Out The Door – RunLog November 1, 2020

Today is the kind of day that I really am not crazy about running: light rain, temps in the mid 30s and just a bit of a breeze. Cold, wet and miserable. I was seriously considering taking the day off and not worrying about it.

Then TheWife decided that she was headed out for her run and was planning to go around Middle Road. Okay, if she can get out there and do it in those conditions, so can I. She left about two minutes ahead of me, so she had that much of a head start? Often getting out the door is the hardest part of the run and that was pretty much the case today.

We don’t usually run together, I tend to push the pace a little more than she does, but goes right along at a good clip. However, there is enough difference between the paces, that she doesn’t like to run with me, even when I am her paces. She claims I distract her too much, and she ends up going faster than she wants to even though I am keeping pace with her.

I could see her up ahead, she was by the speed limit sign when I rounded the little corner. I didn’t really speed up, but I did catch her on the flats at the bottom of the hill by the blue mailbox. Then I kept going forward. Over by the big hill a couple of guys were sighting in their rifles for hunting season — Mary said later that they shot just as she crested the little hill by where SD2 went into the ditch all those years ago. Made her jump just a bit.

Once I got on the dirt road, I had to slow down, the Razor 3s do not have a lot of grippage for muddy roads and there was just enough slime on top that if I attempted to toe-off it was more of a spin out and if I landed to hard on the heels, it was a squish and slide. So, I just ran slow and easy.

A quick pit stop at the corner and then a slow run up Stevens Hill.

After I finished I walked back to finish Mary’s run with her and caught up with her just after the upper gate. We trotted to the tar and she stopped there.

It was a good run for both of us. A little slower than usual, but the rain, added clothing (it does make a difference) and the slime down-back made it so.

I did run in the Razor 3s for the first time in a while and realized how much I did like them compared to the Zephyrs. While the toe box is a little narrower and the outsole a lot smoother, the part of enjoying the running in them was no comparison. The Razor 3s all day every day to run in over the Zephyr’s. Although I would have preferred something with a little more grip on the slimy dirt road, otherwise they did well on the wet tar roads.

Overall a nice run and one that got me to remembering how much I do like the Razor 3s. 5.04/46:51/9:18

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