Cutting Back & Moving Forward – Week In Review October 25, 2020

Finally, a week when I am just about back to my normal of running. The ribs are still tender, if I do too much, but don’t bother while running — as long as I stay upright or don’t run into things when I am not paying attention. 😉

It is starting to get colder up here and I am wearing winter hat and gloves for my runs now. Not really unexpected for the end of October in Maine.

However, no more climbing around in the garage rafters like a chimpanzee for a while. I had remove the brackets and supports for one of the old super-sized satellite dishes from the 90s and ended up having to cut them from the under the roof. They needed to come off the garage roof before the roofers get here to re-do the roof and had to be done before the snow comes so I don’t have to get on a slippery roof. That gravity works too well around me thing-a-magigie. Doing this little escapade did bother the ribs more than I let on and made the choice to take a day off on Friday very easy.

You might have noticed that I am not writing on the blog all that much lately. It isn’t that I’ve stopped running or anything, it is that I am investing my writing time elsewhere (Harold being Harold). Running is still going to be a big part of my life, but writing about it probably will not be. For over eight years that has been the primary focus of my writing and with the pandemic, election year distractions, no real goals other than to run, on top of the numerous injuries that have been a large part of the year — I am backing away from writing primarily about running.

I still plan to write a few shoe reviews when I get shoes that I want to write about and a weekly update that summarizes where I am with my running.

The truth is that writing about running was turning into a drudgery, gotta get it done and stopped being joyful thing that has been over the years, so it is time to go forward more with other interests and become a bit more well-rounded in my approach to health and fitness.

Getting back to last week’s running

The week itself was a pretty nice one on the recovery trail. Like I said the ribs are healing and don’t get in the way of my running now. So, I got over 20 miles in on 5 days of running.

I had a few 5.0 mile days which was nice, but I also can tell that my stamina is way down too. The rib injury cost me any gains I had made on that front. So, I need to get back to work on building a good base and not worry too much about how fast I am going. The speed will come back at some point when I get in shape again.

I just have to remember to do it slowly and not get in a rush to hit a certain weekly mileage. Let the body tell when it is ready to do stuff.

Running Shoes

Topo Zephyrs — I am going to do a 50-mile review of them, but I have a feeling that it will be a mixed-up, muddled up sort of review. They are a shoe that I can run in, but the firmness and some other stuff make them a fairly limited shoe for me and most likely not a pair that I would get again, even though the fit is great.

Skechers GoRun Ride 8 — Daily workhorse comfortable does what they are supposed to do and the Zephyrs suffer in comparison with them.

Topo Ultraventures — Comfortable, shoes that have become my primary walking or hiking shoes (if we get to do any hikes) and trail runners. They fit well with the merino wool socks and if anything may be a touch too cushy, but at least I enjoy them.

Those have been the shoes I have been using this week. No speed work or really longer runs yet.

What I learned

That writing about running as my focus wasn’t enough. Especially, since March I have run in a 3-mile radius of the house, with only a few exceptions. After a while, writing about running in the same areas just doesn’t do anything for me the writer and you — the reader. That along with no races to train for, visiting other runners or all the other things that I used to write about made for a boring selection.

As I get older the injuries that do happen to me take longer to heal and always take something out of me physically or mentally and it doesn’t come back. Which is something that my grandfather and father both complained about, but I didn’t believe. Now I do.

My running will come back to my new normal whatever that will become. More than likely it will end up being around 30 miles a week, but at slower training paces and yes, slower racing times. The foot race with aging is one that I am losing, but I refuse to stop competing with Father Time until he chases me across the last bridge.

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