I Am Tired

I don’t know about you, but I am tired.

Tired of the constant vitriol we are seeing on television, the Internet, the ads we find in our mailboxes, people’s lawns or so it seems wherever we happen to be or whatever it is we are looking at.

Yes, it is mostly the political nonsense that is going on around the United States now. The need to stay in power for one party and the need to gain power by the other and how they suck their proponents into the fray. The methods and carnival barking that they are using to get our attention…errr votes, are based more on rhetoric and propaganda than truths, facts or common sense. Bare knuckled political crap in America is nothing new, but the constant bombardment of nastiness, pettiness and whatever “Inness” is beyond anything that any previous era has ever endured, due to our ability to communicate 24/7 over the entire world, not just the local coffee house or pub.

The mental anguish that all this stuff brings to the table, in the middle of a pandemic where over 220,000 (more or less — dependent upon whose figures you believe or trust) have died from COVID-19. With the stresses that a pandemic brings upon everyone, job losses, financial worry, health concerns and everything else, it is no wonder that for me at least…

that I am tired.

Life is difficult enough without the election and pandemic magnifying out of proportion all the negativity that there is around us. Remaining positive has been put on the back burner and just making it through the day most days is the best many of us can do.

It is time to focus even more on what I can control.

The election — I have already voted, so no amount of anything can change my mind about whom I will vote for. Like millions of others in our Country I took advantage of voting by mail and have zero interest in the political caterwauling and noxiousness that continues to assault us daily. Basically, I have turned off the TV for the most part, blocked and filtered political crap without remorse on social media, throw political ads unread into the trash and ignore whatever gets through the holes. I watch the news once a day to keep a tab on the worst of the goings-on, but otherwise have gone into ignore mode. There ain’t a lot I can do about the election process, but I do worry about who is going to be elected.

So vote if you haven’t already. It is an election that will shape America for the next 20 years and beyond, so chose wisely. Although, no matter who wins the elections, I do not foresee any reduction in the nastiness or power grabs that will continue to happen.

Pandemic — The first wave never really fell off and the second wave, which was predicted to be worse back in April, is now in its initial stages. I do not see an ending to the pandemic anytime soon regardless of what the President says, it may magically disappear, but not yet. It will take its course as other pandemics have done throughout history and some of those lasted years.

What we have done so far to avoid getting it, has worked for us. So, I plan to continue to do the same things we have been doing since March. Wear face masks, physical distancing, limiting our exposure to others outside our family, shop online when we can, do curbside pickup and eat at home 99% of the time. Being in confined spaces with others is very limited.

It doesn’t mean that we will never get COVID-19, at some point I have a feeling that we will, and more than likely we will be fine because we are in pretty good shape compared to most. But delaying the when until there are more and better treatments available if we do get it makes sense to me. I just don’t want to be another number added to the death toll and neither did the people who have already died from COVID-19.

This pandemic is a marathon and to get to the end we will need to do the full 26.2 miles.

What have I learned

That politics in America have always been knuckle-busting and nasty, but over the last four years, it has gotten onerous and nasty with the advent of 24/7 news, Internet tribalism, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. So much so that the constant bombardment to our senses leaves us bewildered and beleaguered over the games of power that others are playing to ensure that they maintain or gain power. Unfortunately, I do not see this changing no matter who is elected, unless there are significant changes to campaign finance laws and that ain’t happening anytime soon. The way politics are going, the best and brightest people do not want to serve and the ones that do have an agenda to promote.

The pandemic will get worse before it gets better and the death toll will continue to climb as we continue to receive mixed messages about what is going on and what to do about it. I do wonder if there would have been a different response if this had not been an election year? Who knows? All we do know is that too many people have died from the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and that more will die before it ends. All I can do are the things that will keep me and mine as safe as we can and then move on to whatever kind of life is the new normal once it becomes less of an issue either through vaccine or herd immunity.

No, I am not burying my head in the sand, I know that there are problems with our political system and it affects all of our lives more than we are willing to admit. The pandemic has become a political football, people’s lives and livelihoods are simply statistics and wanting to live a life that was better than the generation before is becoming more of a question mark with each passing generation.

Are there answers?


However, getting to those answers might require real thinking about the future, letting go of some of the past and a good deal of common sense, something that seems to be sadly lacking all too often in today’s world.

For the most part, I tend to see a Blade Runner world more than I do the world of Star Trek.

Or maybe… I am just tired and a bit disillusioned.

I want to remain positive…but I am tired.

I think I will take that walk down-back and bath for a while longer in nature, that seems to help recharge the mind and soul a bit. I know it is the quietest part of my day and I think we all need more of that.

Walking down the driveway and taking a left towards down-back


  1. You brought up a good point – I too wonder if the COVID-19 pandemic may have been managed differently if this was not an election year.

    Many people are tired and frustrated with what’s been happening this year, except for those who own businesses that have had skyrocketing earnings due to the pandemic, for example the surgical mask manufacturers, glove making companies (these people should be happily tired).

    I know everyone is waiting urgently for a vaccine for COVID-19 to be available. In all the urgency to develop these vaccine(s), I hope that those that eventually become available to the public would have been sufficiently tested.

    You’re right – we need to focus on things that we can control and do the best we can to stay out of the COVID-19 radar. At the moment, that’s the best way possible, and yes, keep doing stuff that help us to maintain our sanity, like going for nature walks etc. Keep it up!

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    • I worry about the efficacy and side effects of any of the forthcoming COVID-19 vaccines. I am not anti-vax, but I also know that laws have been passed to minimize pharmaceutical company’s exposure to risk and lawsuits. Vaccines inherently have risks and that is why there is a special court to handle vaccine lawsuits or claims. We won’t be in the first batch of recipients, but will wait an appropriate amount of time before we get vaccinated.

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  2. I think COVID and politics has us all worn down. Then you throw in the change in seasons.
    When I was in Maine a few weeks ago I could not believe how many political ads there were on TV. The 1st CD is up for grabs so the money is pouring in.
    But I was able to get my Biden signs etc in Rockland! We get nothing in MA.
    I hope we are at the 13.1 mile marker, but I think we are still coming up on the 5K marker.
    Stay hydrated!

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    • Yeah, I just put on my ear buds and turn off the TV most of the time and know that I am not missing anything important. The 5K mark is about right and I have a feeling that when we get to the halfway point around 11/20 there are going to be some brutal hills. Even after that until January is over, the slogging through the crap is a going to be tough to the end. We will probably hit the wall about January 1st and just walk it in.


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