One of Those Miserable Runs – RunLog October 22,2020

Sometimes you just don’t really feel like running! Today was that kind of day.


I don’t have a clue, the weather was just about perfect, low 50s, a bit of a breeze out of the North, some nice sunshine and I just didn’t feel like running. Shorts weather in late October, no complaints about the weather.

So, I procrastinated at the dining room table, ditzed around on Twitter and Facebook for a little while and finally got the gumption up to get going. I took off my Timex and put on the Garmin. Then putted around while I tried to decide which shoes I wanted to wear before settling on the Zephyr’s.

I needed 5.0 miles to get them to 50 miles, but there was no way that was going to happen the way that I was feeling. A bad case of the blahs was going on.

Yeah, I procrastinated a few more minutes and finally got myself heading out the door.

Even going downhill this morning was hard work

This was going to be a slower run, I could tell that after only a few steps, so I didn’t attempt to even pick up the pace. I hit the first split in 9:30 or so and the second wasn’t much better. I just couldn’t find a decent stride and coming back, usually I can pick it up — not today.

Somehow I managed to convince myself to run down to Wildwood, even though I really, really wanted to turn around at Bartlett. Coming back was just tedious and one of those days when you just keep putting the feet one in front of the other and not give in to the voice inside your head to shut things down.

Coming back up Stevens Hill was pretty miserable and then I had the brilliant idea once I got back to the tar to go ahead and do one more to get that last mile in, so I could do the 50-mile review of the Zephyr’s.

I did it, even coming back I pretty much just kept plugging along, no big kick at the end, just finishing 5.0 miles was a big deal this morning.

It does mean that I can do the 50-mile review when I feel like and don’t have to worry so much about getting miles in the Zephyrs like I have been. Which will be nice.

While it was one of those runs where you feel miserable, don’t want to be out there and yet, somehow you get the run done and feel pretty good after it is done.


  1. No matter what the plan, it seems like every run ends up being, “A: Get out the door. B: See how it goes.”

    When you mention procrastinating in various ways to avoid going out, I remember doing just that on days when I felt I needed to do something special. It’s kinda goofy to choke under such slight pressure, over something that no one else knows about let alone cares about, but it does happen. I’ll bet that most of my exceptional days of running came when I had one or more perfectly good excuses I could have used to take the day off.

    But you can put this one in the log anyway. Five miles of running is always a good day.

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    • Sometimes it is just mind over matter, if you don’t mind it don’t matter. 🙂 Yeah, getting out the door especially for a tougher run can be hard, but for the most part we seem to do it most times. Which is a good thing methinks.


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