Finally, no Discomfort — RunLog 10-20-2020

I have been running fairly regularly, just not writing all that much about it. It is hard to write about running when the running is not as much fun as it is when there is discomfort from just breathing while running. 

Finally, today was the first day that I ran without thinking about the cracked ribs and it even involved huffing and puffing up Philbrick Hill (slowly). I had forgotten how nice it is to just worry about running, while running and not think about how the ribs are going to do over the course of the run.

A photo of me walking back up Stevens Hill after I finished the run at the lower gate.

It only took 1 day shy of 5 weeks to come back from the cracked ribs and if I get too stoopid I know that they will bother again, so even though the run felt good, I ain’t gonna get too crazy yet. See even an old fart like me can learn a little once in a while.

The first two miles were in the 8:30s, the next two were in the 9:30s and then the last one was back in the 8:30, betcha can’t tell which ones were coming up Philbrick. Heehee

Also, the Topo Zephyrs had a run over 3.0 miles that didn’t bother the bottom of my feet, so I am hopeful they are starting to finally break in. It has only taken 40 miles to do it. While they will always be a bit firmer than I like I have a feeling, at least I can run comfortably in them. That is all I want from my shoes right now — to run comfortably in them. Running faster is not a big thing or deal, I have to get my stamina back up and that will take the rest of the year I have a feeling. 

I might work a little on speed, but it will be not much more than 1-2 times a week and then not anything above 90%. I want to work on running more relaxed and enjoying running for a while.

A good day and a good run.

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