A BRRR Kind of Morning – RunLog October 12, 2020

This morning’s first walk with Bennie was COLD, like 25*F cold according to our thermometer. That in my book is bundle up and wear hat and gloves kind of cold. Come January or February we will think that is a balmy day, but for now it is just cold.

By the time I got to my run about three hours later it had warmed up into the 40*F, but still had that nip to the air, so I wore my running pants and down running vest with gloves, which ended up being very good for the run. I didn’t break much of sweat even though I did try to keep it around 9:00 for the first two miles and then faded coming back up the hill.

I wore the Zephyrs with my Darn Tough merino wool socks and the fit was about perfect. I didn’t have that scrunching I usually feel on my feet with those socks on and the Ultraventures were the same while walking in them. So Topo and I are going to get very well acquainted this winter, because I do like to wear wool socks in the winter (gotta keep the tootsies warm)

Getting back to the run…the first two miles were actually really good and I could have picked up the pace a bit more if I had wanted to, but I also knew that I would have to contend with Stevens Hill on the way back and didn’t want to completely bonk going up it. The ribs only bothered towards the end when I sounded like an old leaky steam engine on its last legs going up Stevens Hill. That breathing too hard for the condition I actually am in. 

Otherwise things are going pretty good and I think that I can almost run without thinking about the ribs on a flatter course. Maybe I will try Waterville at some point later in the week.

Good run, now to see how many rain drops I can miss on tomorrow’s run.


  1. The transition to winter weather is always interesting, having to make that daily call on what to wear after–in my case–six months of shorts and an ultra light shirt every day. It’s can be fun digging out and combining different layers that have entered the collection through the decades; easier when it’s a matter of a little more or a little less than the day before, more prone to judgement errors when there’s a sudden shift like the one you had.

    Great to see you back out there and just about back to normal running!

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