A Better Week – October 11, 2020

A pretty good week, the ribs are improving enough that I was able to start running on Wednesday and get a few miles in. Yesterday they felt good enough that I ran 3.1 down-back and felt pretty dense while doing it.

Although last night while we were sleeping Bennie was between us and suddenly kicked out with his hind foot and caught me square on the area of the ribs that were cracked. That got my attention really quickly and put me into a cold sweat. I didn’t get back to sleep right away and did some grumbling about a certain dog in very unpleasant terms. He just sort of looked at me like what’s wrong with you and went back to sleep. Darn dawg!

Oh well, I will survive, but I decided with the way the ribs felt this morning not to stress them by doing too much today and took the day off from winter prep.

I am doing plenty of walking, but I have a feeling that my eating habits are catching up with me and I need to begin again to work on shutting down the pie hole a little more often.

Although I am liking my new Topo Ultraventures. You can read more about my initial impressions here.

Not really a lot to talk about with the running right now, it is just doing the rehab slowly and getting back to a regular routine.

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